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Annoyance in Russian

I don't know how to properly sound annoyed in Russian. In English, if someone was telling me something I already knew, I'd say, "I know I know!" How would you say that in Russian? Would it be, "Знаю знаю!" or "Я знаю я знаю!" When I don't care about something, I might say, "Yeah, whatever." How would you say that? Any other annoyed phrases in Russian are welcome.

June 12, 2017



Other annoyed phrases may be:

Да мне без ра́зницы! - I don't care (if this or that happens / what to chose)! / All the same to me!

Меня всё достало. - I am fed up with everything.

Отстань от меня. / Отвали. - Leave me alone / Get lost.

Да Го́споди! Ты надоел мне! - For God's sake! I am fed up with you.

Блин! - Universal informal euphemism to say when something is not happening as you expected. Sh*t. Literal translation is 'pancake'.

Хватит (уже)! / Прекрати! - Enough (already)! / Stop it!



It should be noted that "блин" here is in fact a phonetic euphemism for another much worse word. I'd rather not teach both of them.


hi , you can also say " да да знаю " it means " yes , yes , i know " with the Russian language the way you pronounce words and sentences can change the meaning of it , in this case the more you stress on " даааа даааа " the more annoyed you are lol .


"Я и так знаю", "сам знаю" are quite common.

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