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Duolingo Complaint

I guess this is part of the "New Duolingo", but I find it extremely annoying when a new tab is opened when you click on the comments for a sentence.

EDIT: Adding onto this, it seems that the font has been changed as well (or it's a glitch idk). This is a really bad font, it looks blurry, and personally it hurts my eyes (not as in it's ugly, it really does irritate my eyes even though I have 20/20 vision)

June 12, 2017



I like this new tab. I used to sometimes close the comments tab and then realise that I had closed the practise session I had been doing as well , so had to start from the beginning again. With this new tab I don't have that problem. If you are doing timed practice don't waste time on the comments.


Sorry, but I have to agree with the others that the new feature of a new tab opening is beneficial. Even though it is a bit slow and annoying on my computer, I like that I can review the thread after I'm done with my lesson.

As for the font, I don't recall it irritating my eyes. (I have 20/40 vision.) So that may be a glitch?


Although I can understand, what you mean, I do not agree with LAjmVkV, adder3 and michisjourdi. Before, you were already able to open a link in a new tab by using the right mouse button and the context menu and you could also configure your mouse to use one of the buttons for the action (in my case I configured the center mouse button for this), to do this more comfortably.

But now, the students, which do not like to open links in a new tab, have no choise to do this anymore (as far as I know).


Before, you were already able to open a link in a new tab by using the right mouse button and the context menu

That is how all links work, but with the old website (which I am still on) the button to access sentence discussions from within a lesson is not a link. Concomitantly, the right click context menu does not provide an open link in new tab option. I would think the reason you have these options now is precisely because that button has become a link with the new website.

Duolingo discussions are clearly more useful when opened in a separate tab. Notably, you get access to the dictionary feature where by clicking on words in the sentence, you can be directed to discussions about other sentences containing them. To me, this far outweighs any disadvantage of increased delay owing to tab opening, but obviously I see how someone could weight these aspects differently (or not even know about the dictionary feature).


I totally agree with you grey; i really hate the change. I usually do Duo on my ipad and click on discussions very frequently. Then I read through the comments to see what I can learn. Then my original Duo tab closes and I have to sign in again and start over. I find it very inconvenient. I never had a hard time remembering to 'open in a new tab' when I needed to though if I did more timed practice maybe I would appreciate this change more. C'est la vie- at least some people like it.


I am extremely dissatisfied with the new updates. I haven’t been on in awhile, but I recently started using Duolingo again to continue using Spanish during the summer. I am unpleased with how I am no longer able to test out of subjects, and the whole “health” system is ridiculous. There shouldn’t be a limit of time that can be spent practicing a language.


Hang out for a bit. As of a few days ago a new test-out system is in a large-scale test. There's a good chance it'll be rolled out to basically everyone soon.

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