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Rolling RR in Spanish

Can anyone help or give me tips on how to rule that rr. I've tried saying ladder and butter. i got a little flick of the tongue when i say dracula just replaced the r with a l. I speak only english so this rolling r thing has got me stumped :/ I'm open to anything, i need to learn how to do this. Please if this doesn't take to much of your time and if you can make that rrr sound, respond :) Thanks

June 12, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Here is a link to quite an in depth YouTube video, which might help you. It has some good tips and then it's just a case of practicing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfuyz9lxE0s

    [deactivated user]

      You're welcome, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon :)


      Me too.

      My approach was to make the rolling sound low in the throat instead of using the tongue as anglophones are tempted to do. It is much better, but harder to do. You get used to it.

      Luckily my favourite phrase in Italian uses a lot: I would like to drink a beer :)


      It's important to understand that you don't really move your tongue consciously to make the sound. You generate turbulent airflow from your throat, and this flowing over your tongue induces it to vibrate.

      I finally got it to work by saying "right ya are" in a fake Scottish accent. It'll help to have your lips sort of pursued forward and your tongue far forward in the mouth, thereby concentrating the airflow as much as possible.

      Once you get it in one position in the mouth, you'll learn to move it around to others to more authentically generate the varieties proper to your target language.


      Thxs so much piguy3.....I kinda got it know but i can only do it for a few seconds. Been practicing all day. How long did it take you to be able to get it really good?


      I don't know of any language where you'd need to do it for more than a few seconds!

      Overall, it took me an embarrassingly long time, and I couldn't say I'm really good even yet. The trilled r's in Spanish I think I'm pretty comfortable with, but they show up in more places in Latin, some of which I haven't gotten down yet.


      Coolz...Thanks again for the help. When u finished those languages were u able to speak with it and understand other people that speak that language that u learned?


      I think the only languages where one could have a hope of obtaining significant communicative ability with just Duolingo are those extremely closely related to a language one already speaks. So Duolingo gives you the basics, and you learn how to use the other-language vocab you already know in the new language. Since I'd already studied Portuguese, that doesn't really count, but I've had reasonably good success understanding Catalan just using Duolingo. My active recall is limited, but I actually haven't spent all that much time on it. I've only done maybe half the tree at all thoroughly.


      i didn't think i would get this much help with this so thank you :D....And Zig_Zag_Wanderer i hope you can do it soon. my tongue vibrated for a second when i say tee dee va. say it fast though.

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