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  5. "Nu este el, este altcineva."

"Nu este el, este altcineva."

Translation:It is not him, it is someone else.

June 12, 2017



Proper English is, "It isn't he."


What is "Proper English"?


Proper means grammatical. "To be" has a subject and a predicate nominative after it, not a direct object, so "he" is correct there, not "him." Now in informal English, one often hears "It was him". I am not objecting to "him," informal English is fine by me, but to reject the "proper" English "he" in favor of "him" is unfair. Both should be accepted.


So report it. But "him" is just as proper.


I think Stuart gave an excellent explanation for why "him" is not proper.


Precisely. To be correct, it must read, "It is not he, it is someone else."

The test for this, he vs. him is to continue the sentence: "It is not he.... (...who open the door,) (...who bakes the bread,) (...who is the father,) (...who helps the old lady,) ... it is someone else"

This is because subject pronouns are used after "to be" verbs when they rename the subject.

Informally one can say, "It is not him, is is someone else.", but technically this is not correct.




To report a problem on a smartphone you touch the flag under the speech bubble.


It is really incomprehensible that in a computer language course, sentences without a clear meaning are taken as an example !!!


sound is not correct :
Robot says
"NU iESTE EL ..." it should pronounce
"NU iESTE iEL ...."

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