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Any recommended Ukrainian authors?

-- with books translated into English (...or Norwegian)!

ATM I'm struggling to decide whether I want to learn Russian or Ukrainian - in the past I studied them both up to around an A2 level, but if anything that made the decision harder because I really enjoyed both languages. D: So, my final method of choosing between the two will be finding out which language's literature I prefer, as I'm mostly interested in learning languages to be able to read.

What are some good Ukrainian authors, popular or otherwise? I don't really care about the genre, but I'd prefer to give romance and historical fiction a pass, and any horror recs would be greatly appreciated.


June 12, 2017



if you like historical - Vasyl Shkliar


I also like both languages! The only Ukrainian authors that come to mind are Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko and Lesya Ukrainka. Russian pretty much dominates with literature. There may be other Ukrainian writers that I haven't heard of yet, but hopefully, this can get you started.

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