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  5. "だいどころはどこですか?"


Translation:Where is the kitchen?

June 12, 2017





Why don't they use お at the beginning like in "おふるはどこですか?"


Because bathtubs deserve respectful prefixes and kitchens don't I guess. Those rules can seem somewhat arbitrary, I feel you.


Please respect bathtub-sama


I love this so much.


Harem anime? More like chairem anime


Because baths are considered purifying in Japan. お is an honorific for non-person nouns, but most cases where it's used it has simply become a part of the word.


I believe おふろ is another word for a bathtub.


どこ = where 所 = place in Chinese (and in Japanese too, I assume)

Is that why 所 is pronounced どころ? Does the final ろ modify the meaning of どこ (from "which place" to "a specific place")? Or is it just a coincidence?


Great question! I believe it's a coincidence, as 所 is actually usually pronounced ところ. It's only being pronounced as ころ here because it's part of a compound word (and a unique one at that, pronunciation-wise) and because of rendaku.

所 is also colloquially pronounced とこ and commonly pronounced しょ in more typical compound words, e.g. 場所 (ばしょ, which also means "place" though confusingly, it's somehow subtly different from plain old 所).


台所 what's the etymology behind this? coming from cantonese, 台 is probably onyomi, but 所 definitely isn't. They mixed onyomi and kunyomi for this?


This is an interesting question. A proper linguist or historian could probably give you a more accurate answer, but, having looked into it briefly, it's my understanding that 台所 is a shortened version of the phrase 台盤の所, hence why on'yomi and kun'yomi are getting mixed up. Apparently,「台盤 (だいばん)」 refers to the low tables which were essentially trays with legs that were used to serve food and drink during the Heian period. When not in use, these tables were kept in the kitchen so that they could easily be loaded with food. Thus the kitchen became known as "the place with the low tables" or 台盤の所, which over time became 台所.


Is there a situation where "どこ" is written before "は"?


Not that I'm aware of.


Is there any other way to say kitchen?


You can also say キッチン, but I'm not sure if that has any difference in nuance or not.


Its the only word I've heard so far, using Tae Kim and Human Japanese apps also.


why was this wrong? 台所はどこですか?


I wanted to know that as well. I have used this kanji before on here and it was fine. It's the same meaning. Exactly, why is it wrong?


Isn't the question asking to write it in English?

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