"Is there money?"


June 12, 2017

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Why は but not が ?


for reference, if you are bringing up a topic, it should be は (as in questioning), if you are saying something related to your money が makes more sense.

So what you will usually see is 「お金ありますか?」for questions and「お金あります」for facts about yourself as in "I have money". However you can use both が and は in both cases, it just depends of the context and how do you wanna change a topic or not.


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For those who are grammar-challenged like myself, hope the following scenario will help.

1) You're with a friend who you know is pretty damm poor. He tells you he recently met this gorgeous gal and wants to take her out on a date. He asks you whether you have any money, to which you respond「お金があります」(Read: Yeah, I got the money).

2) The next day, he tells you he wants to marry this beautiful gal. You look him up and down and blurt out 「お金はありますか?」(Read: Do you even have money?)


The use of は is pointing to the fact that "money" is the topic of the sentence, as in "(On the subject of) money, is there any?" が could instead be construed as "Do you have money?" or similar


From what I read from other comments: は is used for marking the topic, of something that is already established, and が does the same but expresses a new idea, or adds new information. In this case money is something that is well established, while things like emotions and tastes require が.


が is a subject marker, whereas は is a topic marker.


This is a really good explanation. Thanks!


how do we read 金 here?



gold medal=金メダル=きんめだる

testicles=金玉=きんたま   ($・・)/<sub>~</sub>


Since this word is written with hiragana, we use the kun'yomi reading. Therefore it is おかね

Okappys is incorrect here. Since the two word examples they give are two kanji put together (jukugo) , both will receive an on'yomi reading.


金 is actually pronounced かね here, as V2Blast already mentioned, and the お is just an honorific at the beginning, not part of the word.


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This sentence doesn't seem to fit any of the exceptions to the rule of があります. https://www.learn-japanese-adventure.com/arimasu-imasu-existence.html


Aaaah I did it again.. I just forget は... 「お金、ありますか?」とか...


Usually, when we Japanese use お金はありますか?, it means "Do you have enough money to do something necessary."


Yeah, I haven answered "do you have money?" and got rejected repeatedly. So frustrating. Reporting seems futile.

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