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Please give us a Streak Freeze Equipped indicator on the header bar

I've been using the Streak Freeze and the weekly Wager, successfully for the last couple of months. Yesterday I thought "it seems a long time since I made my wager, where are my winnings?" Had a look, only to see that my Streak Freeze was no longer equipped, and nor was the Wager - surprised the heck out of me, I can't remember missing a day - did one on my phone instead of usual laptop, but was logged in so shouldn't make a difference. Obviously I missed one at some point in the last week, or maybe did one after midnight, without noticing.

This time I was lucky that I had a Wager in place to prompt me to look in the Lingot Store, otherwise I'd have been unprotected without realising it.

Could we please have a little indicator, maybe a tick under/alongside the streak flame or something to show the protection is equipped? In that case it would be logical to have a cross if it isn't equipped...something to alert us to our vulnerability.


June 12, 2017



Hmm, I forgot we already have a green tick under the Streak flame after we've done our daily practise, so would need a different indicator. The blue Streak Freeze icon wouldn't show on the header, so maybe the letters SF in green if it's equipped, and in red if it isn't?... I'm sure someone will have a better idea.


How about just turning the flame blue?


Yeah, I thought that for a moment too, but it wouldn't show up against the blue banner. Shame, good idea.


It'd just have to be a different shade of blue. I was thinking something like this.


Maybe - that'd work fine for me, but I can imagine people with poor eyesight would struggle with it. Got to think about accessibility on websites. I guess the IT people could experiment with it and might find a cool blue shade that works. ;-)


11/10 idea! We've had a streak tracker flame and it's generated positive changes for learners. However, many people lose their streak because they don't realize a freeze is not equipped/anymore when they want/need to miss a day.

Your idea is brilliant. :)


Thanks Usagiboy7. I hope it gets implemented. The streak is a great incentive for regular practise, but very easy to accidently miss a day. I really appreciate being able to buy a freeze to safeguard against losing my streak.


Smart. I haven't had to use my streak freeze yet, but that would be very nice to have.

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I think I have experienced that as well! Got a real scare, do not want to lose my streak!


And once I saw I should have won 150 lingots, but no it was only 10. So many bugs.

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