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A suggestion for the Japanese course

I am currently doing the Japanese course on iOS, and love it, however I have one suggestion for an improvement that I feel would help me and many other people learn the language better.

My problem is something like this, I often cannot have sound on while I am doing my language course. Unfortunately this means when I see a kanji I haven't learned before I haven't the faintest idea of how it is pronounced.

It would be nice if when I tap the word containing the kanji, if I could get the pronunciation of the kanji in hiragana as well as the meaning in English.

June 12, 2017



Great suggestion! I completely agree with HelenaAlla1 that Furigana would really help EN-> JP learners pronounce the kanji, especially since not all sentences have audio and some of the Japanese audio is either incorrect or only covers part of the sentence.


Sounds sensible enough to me. I also wish that when these questions came up in reviews, they wouldn't automatically have the audio play, since it makes them just a touch trivial.

BTW, there's a Japanese forum now. Probably would make sense to move this thread there. (you'll have to subscribe to it first most likely)


why isn't Japanese done on the PC? I've been waiting for either it or Korean but I cant do it because they're still in alpha.


I think b/c they rely heavily on question types only available on the apps, so there's still significant software work to be done to enable it to come to the PC.


Korean though is a normal course so it will should be first on the website.

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