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What happened to the Proficiency quiz?

Basically, I am wondering if this is gone permanently or if it is being revamped. I had some time this morning and wanted to see if I could improve my score. But I couldn't find it. And when I went to look up my quiz history, I got a 404 error.

Has this become part of Duo Plus? Or maybe it has been answered somewhere else. If so, all I can say is ¨förlåt!¨ (sorry)

June 12, 2017



I'm not aware of an authoritative answer to this. Some things that are gone from the new website (e.g. the review panel at the end of lessons) are supposed to come back soon. The staff silence on this matter I suppose points to it being permanent, but it's impossible to be sure.


It's gone permanently I'm pretty sure. They made new site and are slowly shifting everybody to it. You must have just recently gotten it.


There's actually nothing about that in your blog post. Do you have a direct reference to a reddit quote? Or remember the answer? I followed it at the time, but have not heard anything about the future of the quiz either on reddit or in the discussion forums.

When I asked the question a few weeks ago a mod told me that there has been an A/B test for about a year where they tested the removal, so I don't keep my hopes up.

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