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So I am new to the language learning scene. Im really committed to learning Danish, seeing as my fiancee is Danish. She and I both agree Duolingo is a great program to utilize and work with, however im not sure if i am overloading my brain trying to learn on a daily. for all of you language learners out there, how much should you say is okay to be going down the tree per day/week. I dont want to get to ahead of myself however like i said before, i am very committed to learning. i enjoy using duolingo, its super addictive, i just want to make sure i am building a solid foundation of learning and not biting off more than i can chew. I would appreciate the input, thank you!

June 12, 2017



What I do is do one lesson and ( basics, animals ect. ) and write down everything I learned. I look at the chart of the words and sentences I have learned and try to memorize them, for like a week and then if I have got a lot memorized, then I move on to another lesson and so on.


I would encourage you to not dedicate much if any time to attempting to memorize complete sentences. Words are useful things to store in your memory as individual entities. Sentences (with the limited exception of fixed turns of phrase) aren't.


sorry, I meant words! :)

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Ah, being engaged is a sweet thing! I would say promise her very little and then surprise her by learning a lot more. That said, in addition to using DL, I would recommend Memrise for practicing your vocab (including DL words) and, if you are lucky, basic sentences. The good thing about Memrise is that you can create your own course with what YOU want to learn! I wish you the best and have a GREAT WEDDING and LIFE after that!


It's actually down to yourself. Take the amount of XP or progress you're comfortable with, and do a little more than that. Don't forget that reviewing is probably the most important part of the process, so keep your tree golden and don't rush. Combine Duolingo with other resources and immersion material, Duo alone isn't enough, even for a foundation. It just occurred to me that Memrise has a series of official Danish courses, so that's a good flashcard system, give it a try. There must be a point in Danish Duolingo forums that leads you to immersion material, like TV shows and radio stations. I wish you well!

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I went through my German tree quite fast, I averaged around one skill per day (some days I would do 2 and other days none). This is possible when you are commited, motivated and have enough time. I did each lesson on memrise first (there are also memrise courses for many other duo trees) and then did it on Duo. I also kept my tree gold. That combination of memrise and duolingo proved to be very effective. Also if you feel overloaded then take a break in your progress, I noticed that when I felt that way I would do no new skills for couple of days and did just exercises of older skills, after few days my brain was ready to learn new things and I easily caught up.


I would say do as many lessons as you feel like until you feel like it's getting really hard to progress, then stop and focus on strengthening the previous lessons for a few weeks. Basically take a leap forward then spend time making sure it sticks.


I've certainly used this method. It can be amazing to see that things that weren't clear when introduced have suddenly become so when you've been able to see them employed in different contexts, or when other concepts have been introduced that wind up filling a gap that was causing you to not understand.


Everybody is different, but I say: keep your tree golden, and even if a skill is golden but you don't remember the meaning of the word, redo the lesson! I would say three skills a week is not too much, but I myself wouldn't do more.


Good guidance, thank you Pearl!


vaersagod! (selv tak) ; )


I have found keeping the tree gold even when it seems tedious keeps things pretty solid in my mind. The repetition of older material can only help keep your foundation of knowledge strong. I also really like memrise as an added learning tool. The vocabulary boost has helped a lot in my comprehension.


I would pretty much just say don't worry too much. If you feel things getting hard, just go back further up the tree and redo older things. And definitely don't feel weird about practicing skills that are already gold.

[NB: these days people's experience with skill strength decay seems highly varied; it may well be the case that even the most basic skills decay so fast you can't keep them gold; obviously don't get bent out of shape about that, either, and if you know you know them, simply ignore the color change and work on things that are of use to you]


You are right. Worrying too much would make it hard to enjoy the learning process.
About keeping tree golden: Lately I've been reading some comments of frustration and discouragement when it comes to trees that decay so quickly from one day to the next, or even within the same day and with multitude sections changing colour. I don't have that problem. My Italian tree has stayed golden for stretches of 3 or so days and when decay shows, it's only on one or two sections so it's not a chore to maintain it. If that situation were to change, my best approach would be just to ignore the colour change and bring my focus to the sections I want to review and work on.


Maybe you could do two or three sections a week and then take time to go over and revise the new vocabulary you have learnt to get it to stick in your head, however, like you said, don't bite off more than you can chew otherwise it will just go in one ear out the other! But I know from experience, YOU MUST REVISE! :)


Thank you for your suggestion Erin, i appreciate it!


Valuable strategies on this thread. You will have to experiment with what works best for you. For me what is important is daily practice. I set the minimum daily goal very low, with the awareness that it's just a minimum. One two to four lessons would satisfy that minimum (10 to 40 XP). I do more than that whenever I have the time and without setting restrictions on the maximum. I work mostly from the iPhone App and during those times the note taking is not possible. I do have great appreciation for the benefits drawn when one is able to take relevant notes. The language I access via computer is Greek. I worked on it on two occasions so far. Needless to say I must take notes for Greek :).

I have plans to create my own ANSI cards. I haven't downloaded the program yet. At this stage I am putting together jpeg files that I will eventually incorporate into the plan. If anyone has experience with ANSI cards kindly share:)

My focus language is Italian. I am enjoying so much my improved understanding of movies or TV Italian programming and looking forward to visiting Italy next year. I maintain the Italian tree golden. I agree with Leah 57800 that at times it is tedious to do it, but it helps to reinforce knowledge. Any section that loses gold, I tackle it before selecting the other areas I WANT to reinforce. I give fun and basic maintenance to the other languages. I am enjoying the journey and rewards of daily practice.

Happy Learning!


I just wanted to thank the community for all the great suggestions! its good to see so many people coming together to learn and share ideas, and i will again say thank you to all of your support!

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