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German tree is finally over :D <3 !!!

I am extra happy to tell everybody that I completed my German tree and I have now received the golden Duo!!! It says 2438 words but most of them are counted once for the singular form and another time for the plural form.

It took a little less than 4 months, studying almost every day (1-3 hours). I started completely from scratch being unable to say guten Tag at the beginning (funny but true), but with a fair knowledge of English (I am itaaaaliaaaaan).

In the meanwhile I studied a bit, just a bit, of grammar from websites, with the only purpose to understand better what I was typing and reading.

I feel to have some rough basis now, something to start with, and it is a marvellous feeling! Of course I can understand some sentences but I do not think I would perform nicely in a real world conversation. Even if I never tried, I feel that I could speak with simple words, on general familiar topics, with some frequent mistakes. My reading comprehension is sufficient if I am helped by a dictionary and while sentence structures are easy. Writing should be more or less like speaking: simple stuff, many mistakes.

What am I up to now? My schedule is a bit more complex from now on: - Listen to songs whose I studied the lyrics - Watch some easy going short videos on youtube and write down the things I find interesting - Pay a fortune on Verbling while hoping to find a nice german native that has pity on seeing me horribly poor - Keep up the grammar and the brute-studying (irregular verbs, passive, weak nouns, adverbs, etc...) - Try to practice with Babbel, therefore with something similar but new - I already have two books for 8 years old, one about a tiger and a bear, the other about a caterpillar - Set my cell in german

All this in order to frantically reach a meagre B1 for the end of August (possible? impossible? who knows!)

Then I will spend the whole month of September in Germany... I have just received my work permit (!), so I still have to book, still choosing a good school (suggestions?)... thinking about Berlin... drück mir die Daumen!

Then in October a new academic year will begin, and I will join my first german course in Italy, while working and studying... exams... yeeeaaaaahhhh it is EAAAAAASY DUUUDE. By then I hope to be able to enjoy a Netflix account with movies in german, subbed in german... enjoy with some difficulties, a lot of work, but I survived the same with my English studies so...

At some time in 2018... something would happen? An improvement with the tv series?... some good practice with the german course in Italy?... something as becoming more fluent reading a newspaper article?...

I hope that 'that' something would happen, it would mean that the language is ready to fly and thus I am ready to leave.

Best luck to you all! Study hard, never stop dreaming, have a great life! <3

June 12, 2017



GET INNNNN!!! Well done :D

You've really put your all into learning your German, and salute you for it. (I would write more but I gtg).... Have a great life too!!!!! XD


Congrats!! Gut gemacht


Very impressive completing the course in such a short time. Congratulations! Enjoy your time in Germany.


Gut gemacht :D I'm nearly there.


Gut Gemacht. Ich habe letzte Woche der Baum auch beendet.


Congratulations. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing. Best of luck to you!


Congratulations!!! :D


Make sure to check out the "Easy German" youtube channel. It's great. (but don't be fooled by the name "easy" German..)




So impressive!! Congratulations! :D


Congratulations ! I have just completed the tree today myself!


the strange thing is...Duo is reporting my words at 1166; maybe they stopped counting plurals ?


Aahhh Amazingggg ive been studying German nonstop everyday for over a month now, then one day Ill be able to post something like this ^^ But congratulations, I know how hard it is and how long it takes to learn a language.


What is a german tree?


"Tree" refers to the lessons in each language course. Picture them as a Christmas tree, with the pointed top being the easy beginning lessons, and the wide bottom the most difficult ones. This link from the Discussion site may help explain it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2689592 Have fun!


OK thank you!


do they teach u thewords first befre they give u the test

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There is no test.


but wen u start im doing german i dont no anything in in german except from how to say man i thought they give u the words and phrases or is it that theyjust teach by giving u sentences


Read the Tips and Notes to figure things out. You may also need to do some research on the internet for more detailed information.

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