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English talks. What kind of music do you like?

I wanna make a topic about music.

What kind of music do you prefer?

In my case... Well I love to hear music, I think you can learn by hearing many different styles. I have learned for example that music always express something, always shares a feeling, thought, or a good rythm.

Another thing that I've learned is to understand that every instrument has a personality, a different way to say something. For example cello is so expressive, so beautiful and on the other hand an electric guitar can be more powerful with a lot of energy... But well...

June 12, 2017

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Well, hello there...First, a lingot for the topic...and also congratulations for your english....Just one tiny detail, that could have been a typo...

....on other hand...(last line)

Now...the topic...
I particularly love rock associated styles. But I also do enjoy other styles, such as jazz, pop, classical, folk...It depends on my mood, but music is part of my day-to-day....


First thanks for the correction and the lingot. xD

And yes I understand music is being part of our lives, I love for example proggresive like symphony X, Dream Theater or a mexican group called Glass Mind. And gothic like Nightwish with Tarja (I love Tarja's voice) and yes Epica is not gothic but I remember Simone Simons and her beaufitul voice.

If you like cello you can hear two cellos group or Tina Guo performances...

Can you recommend me some jazz bands?

Thanks in advance! Have a great day.


Wow...I know most of those bands...Fine taste sir!...I also recognized your image profile....One of my favorite series...

This is my favorite speech...

Returning to your request, I honestly couldn't recommend any. I just listen to some youtube large trakcs while I study, It's so gratifying....this is one I listening to right now...for this purpose (studying) I also could recommend Sungha Jung's, and Ludovico Einaudi's large tracks...they're wonderful...


Oh!! Yes, sometimes when we want to sleep I just put a very extra large relaxing "song", it is only a very relaxing piano sometimes cello, and then my kids sleep well.

About breaking bad I loved that serie... ammm I am watching Better call Saul now and pufff it is a piece of art hehehe.

I am going to listen your suggestions. Thanks for your comment.


SO you really like BB?????


Used to...Now, it only exists in my memory...Wonderful serie(?)...

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