What now?

Hi everyone! I need some advice.

So I finished my german tree some time ago, and have moved on to other sites/methods of learning. But i've reached a bit of a brick wall! I don't feel as though i'm improving so much more just stopping myself from forgetting old knowledge (and possibly failing at that!) I know im likely not the only one who's had this problem, is there anyone who can pass on some sagely language wisdom?

June 12, 2017


It looks like you've maybe started the reverse tree (English from German). I'd encourage you to stick with that. There's a ton more vocabulary you can learn.

You're right! it is frustrating going back over simpler things I know, but i'll stick to it. Thanks! .u.

Huh thats an interesting write up! never would have considered using a kindle :0 thank you!

Depending on your level, I recommend reading some books or websites on German, or watching movies and TV shows (there is basically a German dub for anything).

I actually work in a library, but our selection of german books is pitiful. But thanks! i'll give watching more things a go c:

oh wow neat! Looks like theres a bunch of other stuff on tinycards as well :0 thank you!

thank you for replying

No worries! thanks for giving advice!

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