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Can anyone relate to this problem...?

So, I plan on taking a French placement test for a university I will be attending and I have been strengthening my French skills by writing in the target language whenever I can. However, when I write diary entries, poems, stories, etc. in French, I always feel like I'm doing something wrong... It's hard to explain. When I'm writing, my mind tells me that I'm making errors left and right, even when I proof check it. Perhaps it has something to do with my low self-esteem and high self-doubt, but can anyone relate to this? I would find it extremely helpful if someone, anyone could give me advice in order to get out of this mental phase because I do not want this to hurt me when I actually take the test.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

June 12, 2017



Well since you are practicing I would say that you need to relax about the mistakes. That's WHY you are taking the time out now right? Are you having native speakers correct your mistakes for you? If not then I would suggest doing that, and go over what they correct for you. Perhaps try Hellotalk or something similar where you can chat with native speakers in real time. Sometimes just getting more exposure helps get rid of the jitters.


I probably should calm down. Getting anxious over things like this will only worsen my mentality. I'm someone who expects near perfection for myself and doubts when I don't meet my self-expectations, so it will be difficult to just relax. In terms of your advice, I use Lang 8, which was heavily encouraged by my French teacher and it helps. Though, it's still hard to shake the feeling away. However, remaining calm is the best thing to do, so thank you!


I love lang-8. I have found the Turkish native speakers there to be very supportive and helpful. I don't know what the French community is like, but here is a suggestion. Why don't you try posting something that you think is full of errors? Choose something that you feel the most uncomfortable about. Add your feelings about this writing to your post, and ask the lang-8 community for their honest opinion about your writing. They might be able to help you feel better about your writing.

It's only a placement test? What is the worst that can possibly happen? You write really badly and are placed in a lower level? Then you get an easy semester and you don't have to study hard for the course. I am an ESL teacher. I have administered many placement tests. I know that students never do as well as they are actually capable of in a placement test. I always allow for that when I am marking. An experienced teacher can also tell a lot about your ability from the type of mistakes you are making, and those mistakes may not hurt your chances at all. Just relax and do the best you can. I'm sure you will be fine.


The worst that could happen is that I have to spend more money for classes I may not even need, which happens to be an issue at this point as well. Though, I'm glad an actual foreign language teacher took notice of this and I will definitely take your advice to heart. Thank you so much!


Yes indeed. As a French learner I am always unsure. Often, I simply have no idea.

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