100 day streak! Thank's Duo!

Wow! That streak is trying to tell me how fast time goes by! Thank you to all who created duoingo and continue to make it the best learning site in the world! You are the best! Next goal: 1000 day streak! :)

June 12, 2017


You all are so nice!!! Thank you!

June 13, 2017

Good luck towards another brilliant streak; it's an amazing achievement!

Thanks Speir_! You're GREAT!!!!

You're amazing; you've reached a 100-day streak!

Thanks! Congrats to you on your streak!

thank you! mind you, it hasn't happened without a few streak freezes

I haven't used one yet, but i'm sure I will have to in the future:)

a hundred days with no streak freeze? that's pretty impressive!

I'm afraid I am addicted to it!:)

haha! yeah, I'm starting to get addicted, too.

That's impressive, and I hope to follow in your footprints someday! Best of luck, and congratulations on what you've accomplished in 100 days!

Thank you so much! I am sure you will be here soon!

You're welcome, and thank you very much! Based on your flags/levels, it appears that you've had many achievements!

Thanks! good work on yours too!

Parabens! (Portuguese) I reached one hundred days too and without any streak freezes!

Wow! That's funny! Congrats!

I just reach a 100 day streak also.

Wow! Thats funny, that makes three of us with a 100 day streaks!

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