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What happen to the comments page in my profile - and in others' profiles?

Used to be there was a semi-private way of contacting other people, so you could talk about things that weren't really relevant to a comments section of a particular exercise. That seems to have disappeared, along with all the comments, links, and possibly a lot of useful information.

I notice that when I start following someone, there's no page in their profile either.

Is it gone for good, without explanation? Am I being punished for being a loud-mouth, despite being helpful at times?

June 12, 2017



You're not being punished at all; the entire activity has been completely removed, including other users' profiles/streams. You've probably seen this announcement, but I'll provide the link for it in case you haven't:

Best of luck!


Thank you.

Nope, didn't see it. Too bad. It was a great way of sharing stuff that was no exactly pertinent to a discussion exercise.

I'm not suggesting reinstating it, but of making it possible through some privacy setting or some other device to make it possible for users to share some contact information with others, but not the whole group - like an email address.


I'm in agreement with you; it was a good feature that prevented people from talking in the discussion forums. And, you're welcome!


On a different matter (assuming you have something to do with development at Duolingo):

I think is important: Duolingo has disabled copying of user-typed translation answers after checking for correctness. This makes it impossible to paste the full answer into the discussion comments. There have been innumerable times where a user has posted an answer and gotten the translation of the focus of the module correct, but has some other error in the answer which makes the sentence wrong. Often, these mistakes are not obvious until other users can see the full sentence and point out the unexpected error.

I think that re-enabling the ability of users to copy their typed-in answers is very important to the learning process. Without it, nobody can be certain that a person has not gotten the exercise right - or has made an inadvertent error which keeps them from getting the answer "correct".


I just got the new website, and I can still copy and paste the answer I entered.


We shall see - they seem to be trying to put out a new interface, and I've notice them trotting out features, then withdrawing them, kind of a haphazard beta-test.

If as said in https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22226909 the program was becoming a problem for the developers because of the profile streams, then getting rid of it was a wise move. They just need to provide some other way for us to discuss relevant but more peripheral things outside the comments section of an exercise. If they simply allowed users to reveal their email addresses or a link to facebook account, then it would solve a lot of the issues.

I have a new facebook friend from Duolingo, a Russian fellow who found me and sent a friend request. Seems to me the people at facebook could be talked into providing some sort of private group limited to people from Duo, something like yahoo groups, or Duo needs to facilitate something like that.

At the very least, they need to re-enable copying of user-enter translations, because without them the discussion/comments section is very much hampered.


PS I'm really tired, and it's late. If anything in the above comment doesn't make sense, let me know, and I'll correct it after I've gotten some sleep.

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