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Are michel thomas & paul noble worth doing after language transfer?

I know there are a lot of language transfer fans here. In your opinion are the michel thomas & paul noble programs worth doing after language transfer or are they so similar it's not worth your time?

June 13, 2017



Why is the name Michel Thomas pops up quite often?


He's pretty popular when you're looking for language audio programs. I hear about him a lot now but before I started learning languages I only knew about pimsleur.


I like Paul Noble... I got it for $6 on amazon. I actually prefer Paul Noble over Michel Thomas. Idk what is transfer, but Paul noble is great, if it is cheap.


Have you finished all three levels? My library has them so I suppose I might as well try them since it's free. I just hear a lot of people say how similar language transfer is to michel thomas and the little bit I've heard of paul noble his program sounds a lot like michel thomas too. I'm hoping there's enough new vocabulary in each program to make them worth it. I like audio programs a lot though & really want to start another one after I finish LT this month.

Language transfer's a free program on youtube.


Michel Thomas, in my opinion, is horrible. Its hard to learn the language with people struggling and there's no actual intellectual basis to his program but I did finish all of his. I crave knowledge so Paul Noble explains the history and similarities and leaves you thinking. If these programs are FREE then do them all! Do as much as you can and use as many resources that are available to you. A lot of people love Michel's program, and that's fine. I prefer Paul. Unfortunately Paul only has 4 languages. I have used over 30 programs for Russian. Learning never ends so keep going and good luck!


Pimsleur is definitely my go-to, its pricey but I get it off ebay cheap. I want to thank you for language transfer because I just subscribed and I'm gonna browse this. By all means, do Michel Thomas, Pimsleur, Paul Noble, Duolingo, LanguageTransfer and anything on youtube. Just keep going. I'm gonna start my Spanish journey after I finish graduation in a couple of months. I have 4 levels of Pimsleur, Paul Noble, now Language transfer and duolingo added, plus some grammar books. This shall be fun. Can I ask you how did Duolingo supplement your Spanish with Languagetransfer? What was your experience?


I was taking lessons through italki before I discovered duolingo. I have a bad habit of starting a Spanish learning program and then dropping it for something else before finishing. That's probably the biggest thing duolingo helped me with, starting a program & sticking to it (that & reading). I'm on lesson 61 of language transfer (after a few false starts) & it's helping my Spanish a lot. I took a break from italki lessons for awhile & recently started back up & that is a huge help too. I also have a big list of Spanish learning goals I've been trying to work through.

I'm a big fan pimsleur too. I get them from the library. I did the first level and a half & started to get lost but it's on the list to try again one of these days.


You should maybe also have a look at this SaySomethingIn for Spanish.


I really like it very much, it is very efficient to improve my spoken Spanish and fluency.


Thanks, I've never heard of that one. I'll add it to my list.


Yes, it is using a very efficient learning strategy it looks like.


I should know but I don't. What is language transfer?


http://www.languagetransfer.org/ It is a very different approach to Duo as it is all spoken and there are no notes. I like it

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