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Health removed, thanks

I don't know if it's temporary or anything but I opened up the app this morning and didn't see a health system staring at me, so thanks! Much appreciated.

June 13, 2017



It's still there for me. But since I did the last update of the app two days ago, I can regain health by reviewing a specific skill and not only with the general review. That's better :-)


I just noticed this change (I guess the update was pushed to my phone) and thought I'd see if it was mentioned in any discussions. Indeed, a great improvement.


they are still a/b testing all over the place though because my phone and my ipad run the same version of the app but only one account got this change.


Undoubtedly, and even changes intended for everyone they roll out gradually. I'm curious to know the size of the (fortunate) test group I happen to be in.


I still have it and was bounced out of a lesson because of mistakes.


I'm with diaskeaus - I do not like the health feature. I don't have time to be one of the binge learners that the feature is aimed at, so the health business is simply an impediment to the enjoyment of the app.


I've been trying to start a topic, but it won't let me. Am I correct in thinking it now gives your health for filling up old strength bars? I hope so. I've genuinely only competed one topic since the health update, I lose about 10 strength bars every day, so by the time I've lost my health, gene really 1 failed attempt at a new topic, then I've filled my strength bars, I have no time to practice as my work break is over. I've learnt NOTHING since the health update and it's depressing. Been able to regain health by filling old strength bars would be great, while I still hate the monetising health system, it would be a great step back in the right direction.


Yes, you get a bar of health for completing an individual-skill practice.

I've learnt NOTHING since the health update and it's depressing.

I hope you mean no new skills (although that's disappointing enough), and not actually nothing. If you've actually learned nothing, then please, please stop reviewing on Duolingo's nonfunctional-for-you schedule, and concentrate where you need to concentrate!


Yes, I mean nothing new, sorry. Sometimes it's just down to the odd spelling or a slip of the thumb on iPhone and then I'm screwed. It's just too easy to lose your health and not make any progress through the tree.

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the health system on the iphone is crap and I hate it. It never appeared on my iphone until the crown system a few days ago !!


Im also really frustrated with the health issue. I am here to learn, and with duolingo making mistakes is part of the learning process. Kicking me out of the lesson because I make mistakes is a horrible idea. Does anyone know how I can give feedback?


I have something similar to this, when i am doing a Japanese lesson i have no Health, but when i witch it over to Vietnamese / Spanish, i get it.
Also, when i'm practicing i don't have the health feature.
Regardless, I'm glad ^^


Japanese has never had Health. The understanding is that it would get it when it eventually comes out of beta.


Oh it has... that's precisely where I got hit with it!
Fortunately Usagi was able to successfully bring up the point that health in alpha or beta courses was not a very good idea :-)

I'm still having to boycott health on my current tree (JA->EN graduated some time ago)... I still hope it will be rolled back at some point!


Ah, yes, should have said "never since it became publicly available." Did you get the ability to increase health when choosing a lesson? It's at least a step in the right direction.


I just checked and yes, it seems there's now a '+1' on each individual strengthen skill button... I won't test it though, as the boycott (in favour of Android and an older iOS version without health) still stands ;-)

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