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Simple suggestion to further improve the learning experience

Ill keep this very simple:

1) Allow me please to activate the microphone on the exercises where we are to speak with the keyboard, so we do not have to switch from keyboard to the mouse solely for this type of exercise.

2) PLEASE please, allow us to pick X number of categories and strengthen these simultaneously. I would like to be able to "strengthen everything that i have learned so far" without having to pick one specific topic. I really want to and need to revise some things, but going at it one at a time (actually not knowing which specific ones i should revise!) makes it for me not worth while.

Thank you for this great app! :)


June 13, 2017



It sounds like the second point you're asking for is accomplished more or less via the Strengthen Skills button on the web, or the Practice button in the Health interface if you're using iOS.

I suppose maybe you want to click one button and then have it just give you sentences until you've strengthened everything, but I don't see that it can be that much of a hindrance to have to hit "Practice again" once every twenty sentences.


No not really, because this starts from the top. And i know that the first 10 categories i got solid as solid can be. In that case i would have to spend a couple of hours now to strengthen all the top categories only so i could get to the more interesting ones. And they would never stay golden either. I really do not see the point, and neither do i want to keep repeating the exercise "donna" - "woman" in Italian when that is so so past my current level. It seems like a huge waste of time, especially if i want to sit down and practice for 10-15 minutes. I want to do the ones that are more difficult. This of course could be accomplished by going to every single category and strengthening it, but even then i am biased by knowing the subject of the category i am strengthening and therefore more likely to guess the translation than to actually remember. The challange would be much more interesting and real if i could say, "ok, give me everything from the last 10 categories".

Do you feel me at all on this?

EDIT: Although i see how i may not have been completely clear in the first message.


They've been tweaking the strengthening algorithms again recently it would seem. The idea is certainly that the easy skills will eventually stay gold without much reviewing effort (this does happen for me, for example, but I don't think I have been subject to the particularly rapid skill decay testing). If that doesn't happen, you're clearly right to ignore those silly color changes and press on.

I do see where you're coming from, but I don't know that I understand why you think it will take two hours to strengthen the first ten skills (that could happen, but probably only if you haven't touched the tree at all in months), but somehow you'll be able to do everything else in 10-15 minutes. Do you mean make some progress on getting everything else back to gold in 10-15 minutes?

Overall, I do see where you're coming from, but it looks more like a kludge to get around problems with the skill strength decay / strengthening algorithms, and I suppose I'd really rather they just fix those so that when you go to strengthen the whole tree, it's not so mechanical, always starting from the top, almost always only being from a single skill, etc.


Well, what i felt doing my 50 exp per day excercise was that if i was to keep everything golden (and at this point i had really not come that far down the tree) - i would earn all the 50 exp (meaning 100 questions when strengthening), without even reaching a new excercise, because of quiet rapid deterioration in the skill strength.

Or now for instance, i lost my streak when i went camping a few weeks ago and have since been inactive, only to return now. So as you can probably imagine, most my skills hover around 1 bar. Meaning that if i want to get to the stuff that is really interesting and is very edge of what i have learned i would have to do around 60 questions per skill, just to golden everything up. That i feel is too much. Also especially because i get so bored doing something that seems to easy, that i even make mistakes, and if you make a couple of mistakes maybe you dont even get to strengthen the skill..

But anyhow, if they are working on the strengthening algorithms - great! For now i will just go manually and repeat what seems to be of interest. :)

But yes, my tree is rather deteriorated ;)

EDIT: i have given the strengthen function another go right now, and i must say that it seems to be function much more efficiently now. i like it! I may be wrong, but i thought that it used to go sequentially from the top, picking from one category only. It seems to have been changed now! hurray! :D


wow man! i love it! its great this new strengthening system! i feel so efficient at this now. So i guess my who point is now drowning - great!

Even my fluency went from 1% to 2% now. Maybe something has been done in this regard as well (i was stuck at 1% no matter what i did).


Glad it's working better! I think there was some pretty major test that really amped up the decay rates on word strength, and it has either been ended, curtailed, adjusted or something so that those enduring its effects are now getting a more standard, workable experience.


I thought that i was very happy with the new skill decay.... but.. would you be surprised if i told you that i have to do around 50 points each day just to be where i left of yesterday (i am at the last checkpoint mark in my tree, basically just beginning the final section).

Do you feel you do less just to maintain the skills golden?


My own experience isn't too informative since I tend to work on trees too sporadically to note daily decay. From what I read in threads on this topic, five degildings per day sounds more or less within the bounds of normal for those who have done a fairly good chunk of the tree. Is it concentrated lower down on things you've reviewed less?

One tactic people mention is to do more than the minimum amount of review on any skill that degilds. This will keep it gold longer; of course it will also take more days to regild your tree if you spend the same amount of time per day. However, people seem to observe that it might reduce total regilding time over the course of time. Of course, this makes a lot more sense if the skills that are regilding are ones you still need to work on.

Personally, when I methodically work through a tree, I stay with one skill until I can easily do several timed practices all the way through and then by and large move onto the next one not paying much attention to skill colors. However, in practice doing this things stay gold quite a long while. I may be in a group with a particularly low skill strength decay rate; I don't know.

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