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"This school is big."


June 13, 2017



I submitted a report that hiroi is easily confused with ookii if big is used instead of wide


As said in other comments, 広い and 狭い are used when referring to the size of space while 大き and 小さい describe the size of objects. These are only easily confused because

A: We are used to describing anything large or small with "large" or "small" regardless of whether it's spaciousness or an objects size we're talking about.

B: The app doesn't do any explaining on certain things that would normally get an explanation in a formal school setting.

C: The app translates things into sentences like "the school is big" because that's what makes sense translated into English when literally the sentence translates into something like "The school is spacious" which would sound a bit awkward.

The point is, listen to comments that teach and pay attention to what's being taught in any lesson. If you're learning ひろい, then don't get confused because you aren't getting the option to use 大き.


"This school is spacious" doesnt sound weird though. It makes more sense than using general "big" for so many words.


I agree, duolingo seems to be teaching japanese in a way that i'd equate to teaching all the inuit words for different kinds of snow as plain old snow in english


That's all great. But if you ask the app for help it just blindly gives the generic translation of the word instead of the context-aware translation.


That's why we have people like Keith Wong here to help us


Doesn't 大きさ also refer to the size/dimension of space?


As someone said in reference to another question, せもい and ひろい when talking about a room refer to its size


Okay, how are we expected to guess the intended word for "big" when we havent been taught it in previous lessons and the hover over text gives a word that isnt an option?

Scaffolding error.


Or if you wanna say it slangy, 「この学校、でっかっ!!」でっかい means huge ahaha


This is confusing as the answer given for big is 大きい and this is nowhere in the choices. It does not suggest ひろい as an answer.


この学校は広いです。was marked wrong. are we not supposed to use kanji if we know it?


I thought 広い is wide not big...


Spacious might be a better way to think about in this context. As someone else pointed out on another question wide and narrow in regards to spaces tends to imply being large or small in one direction only (i.e. width). So big room makes more sense to me than wide room. I was taught the translation as both wide and spacious to help avoid confusion!


ひろい is wide. おおきい is big.


「この学校は広い/このがっこうはひろい」 should be accepted. Reported on Oct. 28, 2017.


Sanity check: If I was saying that the actually school building was big (as opposed to the school grounds covering a large area), would it be correct to use 「大きい」?


What's the difference between この-place and ここの-place?




"Wide" would be a better translation


Why is a school big, but a hospital spacious??


no, this is crazy. huge is herui. big is okii.

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