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こんにちは! :)

What's the difference between " 幸せ ( Shiawase ) " and " 嬉しい (Ureshii ) " ?? Both mean " Happy" but when should I use them? (:

June 13, 2017



First of all, they are different in grammar.「嬉しい」(ureshii) is an い adjective, and 「幸せ」(shiawase) is actually a な adjective.

Secondly, they have a subtle semantic difference. In general, 「嬉しい」is mostly used on occasions similar to the "happy" in "The boy is happy about no homework today." It means that this word is more focused on the feeling in a short time. And the other word 「幸せ」 is more like the "happy" in "The princess and the queen lead a happy life ever after." It has more emphasis on the longer and deeper happiness.


わかりました!ありがとうございます! :D




Typically we translate '幸せ' is 'happy' and 'うれしい' is 'glad'. '幸せ' is good or lucky situations.

'うれしい' is someone's feelings or emotions.

When a girl marriages a prince, she say 'わたしは幸せです/ I am ’幸せ'. And people can say '彼女は幸せです/she is '幸せ'.

But they can not say '彼女はうれしい/she is 'うれしい''. They should say '彼女はうれし'そう'です/she looks like 'うれしい'. Only she can decides her emotions.

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