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"Daniel a primit două pase de la mine."

Translation:Daniel received two passes from me.

June 13, 2017



”got” should be accepted


Agreed. For me "received" is a bit formal, Reported.


What about "Daniel received two passes of mine"?


I was wondering about that. But I don't think so, this "de la mine" literally meanng "from at me". In other words it's about position, not possession, which I think would need the possessive article.

"friends of mine" appears to be "prieteni de-ai mei"


"2 of my passes" was refused

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As it should, it's not the exacts meaning.

[deactivated user]

    Daniel got two passes from me. "got" why not good?


    I'm trying to understand what sort of game we are talking about. Two passes is nothing to write home about in "soccer". Is American Football big in Romania? I doubt it.

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    It really depends on who's playing, as with any game. The value of tickets for certain matches is high enough for companies to organize whole marketing campaigns revolving around those. I think even Coca-Cola had UEFA tickets offered as a prize for one of their recent campaigns. Soccer is way more popular than American football, but the latter does have a surprisingly live scene.

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