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What do you do when Duo stops being fun and starts being a chore?

When I first came to Duo I remember that I kept on learning German even though I didn't need to just because it was fun and I couldn't stop. But now that I've completed one tree from scratch, I'm finding that, while I like learning Norwegian and Japanese, it's become more of a chore to do the lessons. Of course, I keep on learning, but instead of being "It's German time, yay!", it's like "It's time to learn Norwegian/Japanese so that I can speak it".

Has this happened to you? Have you found a way to make Duo lessons fun again or did Duo become a chore for the rest of your life?

June 13, 2017



My approach is simply to power through it. It's usually the frustrating lacks of success that cause that feeling, and I find after I stick it out for a few days, and revise the stuff that's messing me up, I'm soon back to being better at it, and then it stops feeling like a chore.


I take a month or so long break or just for fun start a new language and then after a while go back to the old one... :)


Yeah, that's a good idea. When I was almost done with my German tree I was feeling demotivated so I took a break and when I was back things were better. But now it has to do with the Duo style, not with a specific language. The style fits me, but I'm just so used to it that it has become boring...


yeah, ik how you're feeling!


Sometimes that happened to me when I was learning Japanese during the courses's Alpha phase. I found that the best way to reinvest myself in my learning was to personalize it more. I did this primarily through Tinycards. When I saw new kanji, vocabulary terms, or tough grammatical concepts, I would place them into my own private decks so I could both engage myself more and encourage myself to study them more. I also found it was really fun searching the internet to find pictures of certain Japanese nouns so I could associate a picture with a certain kanji symbol. It really helped,. and it was fun! :)


I think Duolingo is not a goal.Duolingo is a method.The goal is how to get benefit from communications.How language enables you to shake emotions,win money or establish a frienship.


There is no big reason to stick to Duolingo, I think. I just left for about six months but now I'm back. There are many helpful language sites out there -- and there are other things to learn besides languages.


This happens to me a lot. I usually use Duolingo for about 20 days in a row then I take a month or two off due to boredom. But I might leave Duolingo when I reach level 25 in all my languages.


if i get bored i come here (discussion)


Change the routine a bit. Do some Timed practice. Use the app rather than the web site (or vice versa). Try the Bots. Do some reverse trees or try laddering. Try the official courses at Tinycards or Memrise. Etc etc


I second the Memrise suggestion. I periodically switch to Memrise for Portuguese or Spanish. The phrases they provide help me with speaking more than Duo ever has.


Well, my only goal and the only reason I use this site, is to learn a language. I just tried other methods of learning - currently I'm mostly on YouTube.


Yep, Sometimes Youtube is a good alternative, if the content here doesn't satisfy you.


Well, this is what I do when I'm bored with duolingo.

German - 68 new texts to master: http://i.imgur.com/mNl4thR.png
Spanish - 58 new texts to master: http://i.imgur.com/VUNajom.png
Franch - 37 new texts to master: http://i.imgur.com/LZXdqPu.png

Or experimenting with other languages like Arabic:

There is no duolingo course for Arabic, yet you can still pick up quite a few things without it.

I enjoy the content so it is not really an issue.
The real issue is finding the time to study everything that I want.

Of course, I keep on learning, but instead of being "It's German time, yay!", it's like "It's time to learn Norwegian/Japanese so that I can speak it".

Why do you wait for some "random moment in the future", when you can start actually doing it?
What stopping you?
Maybe speaking may seem more difficult but passive understanding is certainly quite possible.
You can start there. Just pick any show/content and watch it.
At level 15 you've already quite a bit of basic knowledge to spread your wings.
If duolingo is not fun anymore stop doing it and do something else which is.


The images about Readlang are a bit low quality, so I couldn't understand what that's about. Can you explain the "texts to master"? What is that?

Oooh and you can listen to music in different languages and the computer does the work for you by accompanying it with the lyrics? How have I never heard about that?! That's so awesome! And that's a beautiful song (even though I only know like one arabic letter). Now I'll have to go listen to more songs in arabic... I'm going to join Readlang right now!

Yeah, I worry too much about the speaking part... The only way to lose the fear of speaking is to start speaking. Ich werde anfangen, andere sprachen zu sprechen, [even] wenn ich so sprechen muss.

Thanks for your suggestions, Casper!

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