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  5. "かわいいですね。"


Translation:It is cute, isn't it?

June 13, 2017



I feel like "isn't it cute" works the same than "it's cute isn't it"


I think ね is more of an emphasis particle, kind of asking for confirmation like "it's cute, right" and not an actual question like "isn't it cute" would be.


I agree 100%, but Duolingo uses "Isn't it cute?" in other examples where the only correct answer is "Kawaiku Nai Desuka?". It is really bothersome when you have to learn what the app excepts more than what it is the correct answer.


I will say just "It is cute." as "かわいいですね" same as "かわいいです" I will say "Isn't it cute?" as "かわいいですよね?" or "かわいくないですか?"

”かわいいですね” sounds like it completely finished to say personally, so it will not need any agreement from other people.


In previous examples, translations for sentences with ね were accepted without translating it. Therefore, "It is cute" should be acceptable.


"It's cute" not accepted. Reported it, because it's definitely an acceptable translation.


Is this example of cute only for cute things that are like small and fuzzy and all that? Or can it be like the English translation, and could you for example refer to a girl as cute (even if they're not small and fuzzy)? I'm pretty sure you can, but I just wanted to double check.


Yeah, you can describe a woman as かわいい。

Google images かわいい女 or かわいい女性 for some results...


Okay! Thank you very much for the clarification!


I wrote exactly It - is - cute - isn't it with the word cards, and it marked me wrong!


Why would you put the dashes there then? That's definitely why it marked you wrong.


Can't tell if you're joking or not


That depends... If you mean that you put that in for the word bank, then yeah, but you should submit a bug report, although you'll probably need a screenshot of it not working for that.


With That correction, shouldn't it be a question?


Isn't = Is not it. It is cute, isn't ?


Isn't = Is not it.

That is incorrect, "isn't" is short for "is not", so "It is cute, isn't?" would be wrong.


Ending a sentence with "isn't" has (at least in America) connotation. It is a rhetorical question (saying "You do not think otherwise do you.") This is more a topic for English language discussion.

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