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Losing streak after sync, using mobile in offline


I've been traveling lately for a few week-long periods, where I rarely have internet access. However, I have been keeping up with Duolingo offline, just doing one lesson a day.

When I do get online, the lessons I've completed are correctly marked complete, as are all strength improvements.

However, my streak is lost. It's as if somehow all the XP I've gained while offline is added to whatever day I go online and sync, and not the days leading up as it should.

No big deal, but I never get to start on a proper streak, which is annoying.

March 22, 2014



Hi arosen,

To preserve your streak, your points must register online before midnight each day. So, if you are working offline, you must come back online before midnight and have those points register.

For more information on how streaks work, you can check out this user created wiki's entry on it: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Frequently_asked_questions#How_do_streaks_and_streak_freezes_work.3F

I hope this will help you for next time. :)


Definitely, will make sure to make syncing every day a priority from now on.


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