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Der Computer nimmt uns Arbeit ab!

should "uns" be "unser"?

June 13, 2017


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I think.. and this is just what I think ;-) .. that:

"uns" = from us (in this sentence) so "The computer takes work from us." would be the translation... rather than "The computer takes our work.", this is why unser (our) is not right here. Although it could be "Der Computer nimmt unsere Arbeit ab." = The computer takes our work.

Please correct me someone if I'm wrong.


That's true, but "The computer takes work from us" could also be meant in a negative way, as in "takes our jobs". But abnehmen is usually positive. The negative sense would be translated with wegnehmen (to take away)


ab·nehmen can mean "to relieve somebody of something", but only when used with a Dativ- and an Akkusativobjekt.

Ich nehme dir (Dativ) das (Akkusativ) ab.

I relieve you of that

So "uns" is the Dativobjekt in your sentence.

by the way, abnehmen can also mean "to take off"" when used with just the Akkusativobjekt, or "to lose weight / to reduce" when used without object.

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