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"Chúng tôi đang trên đường đến!"

Translation:We are on the way!

June 13, 2017



Just a comment, I'm surprise this wasn't translated literally. "We are on the road coming."


I think it sounds awkward as an English sentence.


No native speaker would say such a thing. "We're on the way", "we're on our way" are much more common.


I'd alternate between the two without thinking about it. Maybe a regional difference?


Way and road are synonyms. Đến was the only word not translated literally.


The unawkward translation is fine but we are learning VNese, not English. However, I really appreciate the literal translation because it makes it easier for me to remember the VN word and the correct context.


I'm a native English speaker, and I say "I'm on the way" often.


It s not because someone is a native speaker in a language that he does not mistakes ;-) I m not native French but I do not make many commun mistakes that many the French do, I sure make others that they don't LOL
A 91 years French old woman makes a mistake, her daughter his son do the same mistake. I do not know about the 2 granddaughters but I guess they perpetuate the same mistakes unless they pay attention, but some faults are so common that French people believe they are right, even politicians and journalists commit language errors.


is it common abbreviation in VNese as "dtdd" lie "otw"?

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