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Der Die Das choosing

So let's say that I want to put a "the" on something in German. What should i choose out of Der, Die, and Das?

i.e. If I find a Knickerbocker Tree growing in my backyard which "the" do I use?

June 13, 2017



Your example makes it sound like you're talking about made up compound nouns. In that case, compound nouns always take the grammatical gender of the last noun in the compound, so it would be Der ...baum


Of course if he's talking about finding the tree it would be 'den Baum'.


I made this post a few days ago asking for advice. you may find it useful :) https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22980869


Thanks, guys. But what should I do, if let's say, I'm speaking to someone important, and I have to point out "the" object? What if I don't know any of the genders of any of the nouns?


1) Guess the gender

2) Probably get it wrong

3) Still be understood

(Be corrected)

4) Learn the gender


^ this!

Also when guessing.. "Of the nouns with a unique gender, 46% are feminine, 34% masculine, and 20% neuter. So, if in doubt about the gender of a noun, guess "die""



The article depends on the final word so in this case, you use "der Baum" due to Baum being a masculine noun. The same would apply to female and neuter nouns. It's just a case of learning the genders of nouns.

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