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I have lost passion for German. How do I get it back?

June 13, 2017



I guess your passion for German comes from within you, however I would suggest perhaps finding something that you enjoy that uses German, such as listening to music (there are a few decent German rap albums that have just been released). Our interests come and go though, so you can't really force it.


I see you have russian on your board. have you tried going to the Russian duolingo and starting the german from russian course? Are you a Star Trek fan. dailymotion has DS9 episodes in german. google your favorite show along with Deutsch, staffel and folge, see what comes up. zdf is the german tv conglomerate-lots of video to watch and free app. also Arte is a belgian channel with a free app and lots of programming in german and french. good luck!


well, don't.

You shouldn't force yourself to learn something you don't need and aren't interested in. Unless you are, in which case you should focus on the thing that got you into learning German in the first place.


What interested you to start with? How far along in the tree are you? What other ways are you learning German aside from Duolingo?


before I stopped I was at the buisness level


I was really interested to start with. It seemed like the perfect language for me. I could get 50 points everyday but now I can't even get 30. I have lessons in german at school.


Try to focus your motivation not as the duty to learn German at school but only for yourself. As I had French in school I really hated it, but now and before I like French a lot. You can also make a trip to Germany.


Eat Apfelstrudel every day.


I don't know. But I just upvoted your discussion, because I think you are asking an important question. So sit back, relax, don't worry about streaks or any of that crap, get a couple of XP every day, and maybe listen to a bit of music? Try http://www.ndr.de/info/programm/livestream150.html (I don't know how to paste a link, so you'll need to cut and paste it).


Plan to visit the Mozart week in Salzburg. I have never, but I've heard someone talk about the experience with passion, a person talked to me on the bus for nearly an hour and it was clear it was something this person was very enthusiastic about.


Maybe you weren't meant for German. Passion is something one either has or hasn't.

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