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1000 day streak - my thoughts before I break it

Today I reached my 1000th day on Duolingo!

I am really pleased to have finally reached this milestone (albeit with 1 or 2 streak freezes...)!

To do something for 1000 days seemed like a huge challenge, and I would never have believed it possible before I started. It was not long before it became part of my daily routine, and the days quickly added up.

Thanks to Duolingo, not only have I greatly improved my French and German, but I have also learnt some basic Swedish and Norwegian.

However, I will be intentionally breaking my streak.

I have some travel planned next month and want to end on a (planned) high note, instead of being disappointed when I lose it due to bad luck and lack of WiFi.

I will be continuing to use Duolingo in the future, but certainly not in a daily fashion. I want to improve my Norwegian further, and Duolingo can only take me so far.

I have loved being part of this wonderful community and I wish everyone the best with their future learning. Never give up!

Jonny September 17, 2014 --> June 13, 2017

June 13, 2017



Really well done! There is probably a certain amount of wisdom in breaking it on purpose.


Congratulations on your 1000 days too (in 4 days time!) :)


Chapeau ! 1000 days straight of doing anything is very, very impressive! I intentionally broke my streak after just over a year...and as the seconds ticked to midnight I had a few second thoughts, but I feel it has given me the freedom to study from other sources: read a book in my target language, watch a show, practice grammar elsewhere, etc. I think you will find the daily habit of studying well-ingrained even if it isn't on Duolingo.


“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ―Mahatma Gandhi I really admire that. Also I admire your bluish flowers. Would you mind to tell me your story with the 25 level of french?


Thank you! The flower is called a bluebonnet. It is a harbinger of spring where I live, and we have fields, parks, and roadsides covered in the blue wildflowers for a few weeks. The story is rather involved, but for personal reasons I found myself in a position where I needed to learn French and be able to communicate at least at a rudimentary level. In the process I have met some truly wonderful people, fallen in love with the language, and I'm going to France this summer. :)


I wish you happy trip and I hope,like you,to meet wonderful people fallen in love with the french. Take care !


Congratulations JonnySmooth! I thought of doing what you're doing... breaking mine off after 1,000, but who knows? I wish you the best in your language learning and I hope you have a blast in your vacation. Also, be sure to put something about your 1,000 day streak on your profile so you'll never forget! :-)


It was a difficult decision! Part of me still wants to carry on and see how far I can get...

Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely put something on my profile!


Think ahead to your trip and have a wonderful time! Duolingo is a means, not the end. You've already proven to yourself that you can do something difficult and stick with it. :D


I also considered ending my streak on purpose at 1000, then 1111, then more recently at 1234, but I'm still going. I've done a lot of traveling and luckily have always been able to find Wifi and 5 free minutes to keep my streak alive...


Congrats. As someone who has only recently broken 100 this is really inspiring.

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You did it! Congrats man. I blew that one a long time ago...


Well done. That's amazing!


Too bad you can't keep your streak. I travel a lot internationally, luckily I have managed to find WIFI wherever I go to maintain my streak. The biggest problem has been crossing the international date line and not losing a day.


"You deserve a break today!" Americans, at least, will catch the reference. Congrats on your streak. I've been married 37 years today (that's 13,514 days) to the same woman! LOL ... That is one streak I plan on not breaking "til death do us part!"


Congratulations! As a person who spent so much time with Duo, could you please share some tips to improve learning experience?


My one main tip would be to pronounce the words out loud as you go, to help you learn them, and improve your speaking!


Way to go! It definitely makes sense to break it on a high note. Norwegian is a very cool language! Good luck!


What do you mean by " cool " ?


Uh ... fun, interesting


Hi Jonny,

congrats for your achievements!

As we users are all migrated to the new alpha/beta DuoLingo (rewritten) portal system - with feature reduction (including non-compatible old user scripts), IMHO that huge functionality loss would not get you very enthusiastic to carry on using DuoLingo too much anyways.

At least that is the case for me as my profile was being migrated today.

The DuoLingo team unfortunately ignored my message about the old user script enhancements and new system beta/alpha code testing (it is early-beta, very basic functionality nothing more) in their announcement thread.

I am feeling that pain already - including TimedPractice timer, skill strength, PowerTweak, Audio, Tree Enhancer, etc.

The mass roll out is IMHO being done at the wrong time - too soon (why even replace a good old working system with HUGE features with a new very limited system?). Should have maybe happend not sooner than 1-1,5++ years....

The old portal system with almost everything turned off (activity, immersion, etc.) was IMHO not performing that bad on their servers as it has been published always; I didn't have to complain.

The newer DuoLingo portal can now even not play audio anymore from right hand side Portuguese answers (English-PT). The DuoLingo Tree Enhancer script had been rocking and had even enhanced the previous Reverse Tree user script functionality.

It will take IMHO a very long time to re-build features from the old DuoLingo portal AND include all existing user script functionality....probably 1,5/2-3 years.

Too bad that there was no vote thread about the opt-out from the new system portal system user migration and to being able to continue on the old portal before the new portal code is finished all features are available :-( :-( I was too lazy to create it myself (and being down-voted for it).

Everything is lost for my learning process - I am not too eager to continue with my PT tree to be honest because of that. DuoLingo R.I.P.

I will continue using Memrise (PT5-7, hacking / phrase courses, etc.) and will now even have to concentrate more on it. There are some really really good user scripts available from the Memrise community. I definitely have to try their user created verb conjunction and PT grammar courses!!

Everything is lost for my learning process and not be built back for the next 6-9 months :-(

Congrats to your decision Jonny. You choose your exit time quite wise :-)

Best regards



The developer team of course even missed to include the great working "DuoLingo course switcher" code into the new portal to be able to easily change between courses as some users have multiple source languages and multiple target courses.

It is not working anymore on the new portal.


Hei, Thomas, how can we interact now? I know you wrote me something (on my profile) few days ago, but it only showed the first sentence, so I could not read your whole message.


Hey Mat, I have no Activity / Send button on the new DuoLingo portal anymore (like all the other users). Sorry.

Now even 4-5 part PN sub-messages (in the same msg thread) on the old portal in the activity stream are not sent successfully. They were quite long and this always worked with e-mail user notifications before on the old portal. Not anymore :-(
But here are the good news:
I received your previous message with your e-mail link!!
It is successfully archieved in my inbox folder (e-mail notification).

Unfortunately some things happen from time to time at my side so I can not act as free as I would like to and could not contact you back already :(


here are some really really good user scripts available from the Memrise community.

Can you list them? Thanks.


Despite my above text about the new DuoLingo portal and loss of almost all powerful (old portal + 12 user script) features/functionality, here comes finally some good news:

1) The "DuoLingo tree enhancer" user script from Camilo, which is:

  • also working for playing audio (e.g English->Portuguese questions in forward tree courses on right hand side L2 answers
  • and being able to read multiple-choice L2 answers (please see my comment at the bottom of this thread")

has been successfully updated for the new DuoLingo 2017 portal code: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/19654789$comment_id=23151134

Please help Camilo to test it on the new DuoLingo portal!

2) NEW: Camilo's script now even includes (tested for forward EN-PT tree so far by myself) the possibility to read out loud multiple-choice L2 audio (e.g Portuguese from EN-PT course) answers, not only translation challenges! This has not been working before.






Congratulations! Most of the time I on do my Duo to just maintain my streak, which may or may not be a good thing for learning.


Congrats, but don't forget that the streak is only a number - the most important is what you've learned :) Once again, good job!


Remarkable. I agree with you. It's better to intentionally break it instead of being dissapointed. I started Duolingo on November 4, 2014. Thanks for reminding me that I almost reached my 1000th days here. :) Time flew so fast. It's almost three years already. I feel like it's just last year...


Congrats on your 1,000 day streak! :D I admire your dedication. I agree that it is better to end a streak on purpose. It is exactly what I am doing with my 500 day streak.

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