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Tensions are high

When I first started duolingo, I would go on the discussion stream and would see discussions about how good duolingo was, something that they needed help with, or suggestions for duolingo to be even better. Now though, things are different. More discussions are about how much they hate duolingo, begging for lingots, or how they are mad because their last discussion got a few dislikes. I actually just saw a discussion that said that people better not dislike any of their discussions. Of course, that discussion got about six dislikes (and got deleted) and the creator of the discussion had a fit. So now all I have to say is, calm down and be nice to each other. Has anyone else noticed this?

June 13, 2017



People are funny. Create a great site where they can learn a language or three or ten, and they whine because it isn't set up the way they would like to set it up.

I noticed the discussions becoming more negative a year or so ago, so have mostly stopped participating in them. I will check in when I have a question, but as they've gotten more hostile, they've also gotten somewhat less useful. I understand that, why waste your time trying to help people if you're only going to get a load of grief.


To me the dripping malice and ignorance on the discussions limit my use of it to occationally scrounging for the pearls.

Aside: the easiest method I have found for getting the answers I want is to Google: Duolingo followed by the phrase in question.


Well, personally I like Duolingo and I think that you are doing a really good job with it..

You kind of expect that as a website gains popularity it also attracts the immature people of the world. There is a first rush of motivated people but that tapers off over time. This also echoes my experience teaching college courses in the 3-D world. In any educational situation there are a certain number of folk who have delusions of adequacy.

Maybe create a Duolingo Lite just for them where everybody gets a trophy every day? ;^)


Loved your post. I can completely relate in graduate teaching.

I didn't have a trophy to give you. So for the bright and funny post, you were given a Lingot and a up-carat symbol.


Thank you.

Realizing that I'd not at all expected compliments I thank you even more. You just prove the idea that most of the people here are decent folk who are kind to others. I believe that most of the folks here realize we are all guests so we try to mind our manners. It is the un housebroken few who cause problems.

This is a great learning opportunity and I do hope that many of the people learning here can in turn pass on their knowledge to others. One would hope that in twenty years we will be talking to many folk all over the world in many different languages, passing the gift forward.


Yes. Very well put.


thank you. Also, I saw that you said beep beep im a sheep on another discussion to me but the reply button for me there is apparently not there. So, Beep beep like a sheep my friend ( and meow meow like a cow too :) )


Yes I have. I also sometimes sense disrespect to outsiders who decide not to learn languages, which I don't like. It's entirely their choice.


Luis, consider including language within the Skills or Trees which contain content which promotes harmony via language AND character development.

For example, Luis es una persona flexible. Es adaptable al estrés.

Cheers, TR


Oh, please no. Please, please, please don't ruin Duo with attempts at social engineering. Pretty please.


Agreed, jlseymour3. Any time you have a Goal A achievable by learning task B,C and D but your teacher requires Meme E you get an F.

I notice my course is sprinkled with useless borrowed words and neologisms, using time and energy better devoted to building native language speaking skills. Instead of directing students toward social goals they should concentrate on building usable vocabulary and grammar skills.

But even so, the material gets learned regardless of social intent. Learning is by practice even practicing on my own pet peeve, sports trivia.


Fair enough jls. Although, It would be nice to participate in some of the discussions without the load; however gained. Happy learning.

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