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Is it just my account, or do we have a new notifications tab, and the Activity button is gone??
Whatever it is I love it, it really cleans up the website! Hooray for Duolingo!!

I see that many of you are upset at losing Activity, but at least one of you said that it did take up time. Someone else said that it was turning into a site for teenagers, but don't teenagers like the social media?? Confused...
What are you hoping to see in the future for Duolingo? Personally I would like to see them bring back commenting on other people's streams, more skills to learn in the store, and Bots for all the languages.

June 13, 2017


Not to be a killjoy or anything, but I hate the new update. Let me elaborate: I can't see the activity (which I found awesome), I can't see who I'm following/who are my followers and I can't post on other people's streams. I don't really see how that is good... oh well.

Also the proficiency test in the lingot store is gone and in the Russian course the option to toggle between Cyrillic and Latin alphabet is gone. It feels like Duolingo is slowly developing backwards :\

The only good thing about the removal of streams is that it forces a user to focus more on learning languages than just talking to friends, but I'm in agreement that it was not a desirable thing to remove.

Yeh, I guess your right about that!! (When I was able to use streams, it was unhealthy how long I spent on Duolingo talking to others each day.)

Umm the activity was removed long ago

Yeah, but some peoples tabs were still there. But mine said goodbye last night.

I'm glad you're open minded to the new changes because most people are not like that. ^ ^

Hmm... Call it opened minded if you like. Maybe "ignorant to the fact that it's not so good". They removed the "ACTIVITY". The one place where people who have gotten everything that they can from their tree could learn more here. Honestly, DuoLingo has only been making it more of a site for teenagers. Not good.

No, I agree and I know Duolingo has done many things to anger the users. Immersion, activity, etc., things have changed for the worse, just a bit. I'm not a huge fan of the new site, but I won't hiss at every new change I see.

I haven't been on here long enough to witness a change that I liked. Except some things that happened to iOS (which I don't use). The bots are great, but I don't have an iOS device.

I also feel like the fonts and the overall visual design has very slightly been polished. The fonts are adjusted or they added more white space, I don't know.

Yes!! It looks somehow cleaner!?

I really miss the Activity tab. I know they took it off because it was taking up to much for the site. But I have a solution. Since they offer offline lessons, maybe they should offer you a opportunity to down load you activity offline as well. It really was helping me to plan and keep track as well as helping with motivation. Just a thought.

My is gone too. I had earlier today and now it is gone.

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