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Does anyone know a site where you can learn nouns with certain verbs?

Is there a site where you can learn nouns that 'has' to be used with a certain verb?

ex: 'einen Pakt schließen', 'Entscheidungen treffen', 'den Tag verschieben', etc.?

It would be useful if anyone can master it.


June 13, 2017



I like to use Reverso for this (examples: [ 1 ] [ 2 ]). When I can think of such constructions, I look for them in English (like in the example from the link). Looking at sentences in context, you can usually deduce all the collocations and common expressions. And you can put those sentences to your Anki or something like that, if you learn vocabulary in context (which one definitely should do).


I know exactly what you mean. I don't know if there is any specific learning exercise for this online, but if you're looking for constructions for a specific noun, you can go to http://duden.de and enter your word, there is a section "Typische Verbindungen" on there.


Just look at the example sentences of words on duden.de – That's what made this dictionary indispensable in my learning of German.

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