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  5. Should i dump Romanian?


Should i dump Romanian?

I do not know a single Romanian person or speaker and never plan on going to Romania, it has weird words and grammar, I don't like it, but i have so much time in it. should i just dump it and learn it again later?

June 14, 2017



If you don't like it, then yes. I think you should quit it.
If you don't want to remove all your progress, start a new language and ignore Romanian for now :)


If you have no use for the language and you don't enjoy it, there isn't much reason to keep learning it. It's a bit silly to do something like learning a language if you feel you are getting nothing out of it. You waste less time in the long run by quitting now than by quitting later.


Look up "sunk cost fallacy".


It's like playing poker. You might have a lot of money in the pot, but if you've got a losing hand, you have throw away your cards.


On your profile you mention wanting to learn six Slavic languages. Those "weird words" in Romanian are likely Slavic loanwords. And the "weird grammar" I'm guessing is at least in part the cases, which the Slavic languages ex. Bulgarian have in even greater abundance. Might be good to work your goals out a little more concretely. Learning any language takes a lot of work, and you have to have the motivation from somewhere. Probably best to do what you find yourself having the intrinsic motivation to do; that way you'll keep at it.


well, I'm very good at french so i thought this language could be relatively easy because of my french skills, and it was not. I am willing to experience weird words and grammar in a completely different language family.


Okay, so, as a Romanian native speaker, I have to agree with you, it is a hard language with hard grammar. If you dont want to visit Romania or Moldavia in the near future (because these are the only countries where you hear Romanian spoken massively), I advise you to stop learning it. Enjoy your time here and good luck at learning new languages! :)


Hard choice. If you never plan on using and really hate it then yes I would say quit... although I can certainly relate to the feeling of having invested a lot of time and not wanting to see it wasted. I hope you haven't spent too much time in it. Of course, the knowledge wouldn't be competely wasted if you did continue.


take a break and learn something else


I decided, I'm dumping Romanian and learning it later. I'm going to pick German because i would LOVE to go to Germany.


it depends if you like the language. if you do drop it I recommend Spanish. there are many Spanish speaking people around.


Any time you spent studying Romanian was not wasted. If you decide to stop studying it you will have knowledge and experience you can use learning another language, especially if you pick a different Romance language like Italian or French.

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