"Il nostro quartiere è sopra la collina."

Translation:Our neighborhood is on top of the hill.

March 5, 2013

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Why not, 'Our neighbourhood is at the top of the hill'? This would be how an English speaker would express this.


That is exactly what i thought and wrote! Come on Duo !


Why couldn't it be "above the hill"?


That implies the neighborhood is skyborne....


Does it really? In mountaineous places, there are higher places than hills, and things can well be located above a hill (which implies they're also on the mountain slope that lies behind the hill, but the hill is still the reference point in the "foreground").


I was wondering - I typed "our neighbourhood is over the hill", and it was accepted - with a note saying that an alternative correct answer could be 'on top of the hill'. To me, "my neighbourhood is over the hill" doesn't have the same meaning as "on top of the hill". "On top of" is "at the top", whereas "over the hill" means "on the other side of the hill somewhere".


'on top of' would be the more accurate translation here.


Thanks James .... So to translate 'over the hill' as in you go over the hill' (before getting to the destination) would you say 'oltre la collina'?


Why can't it be "is on the hill top"?


Absolutely correct!


quartiere does it not also mean district or area?


Yes, quartiere = district, the literal translation for neighbourhood would be "vicinato"... but all those words are pretty close to each other, aren't they? ;)

If the system doesn't accept district, I would report it.


My question too. 'Area' was marked incorrect. June 2020.


When to use sopra and when to use su?


i believe sopra means "on top of" instead of just on. So it would help if you want to be more specific, just like in English.


Because, yeah, if "sulla collina" was an option, that's what I'd have picked.


Why not just "on the hill"


"On top of the hill" vs. "at the top of the hill"?

The second is not accepted, and I wonder how it would be translated differently.


Why won't it accept "atop" instead of "on top of"??? Reporting!


Maybe because it's not colloquial enough? It's primarily a literary word, not to say archaic.


Well, I'll grant you that it's a bit literary, but certainly NOT archaic, and I still say it should be accepted.


Your English is severely lacking, Both of my attempts to translate this are correct! Yours is incorrect!

A neighborhood can not be 'on top of a hill'. It can be at the top of a hill, or on the top of a hill. "On top of" connotes it is above the hill, which of course it can not be.


I disagree. It's perfectly acceptable to say "on top of" and not mean above, e.g. "I left my gloves on top of the car", "The book is on top of the cupboard". However in this translation, it's just bad English because you just wouldn't say that! Where I come from, you'd say say "our district is at the top of the hill", or even just "on the hill"


Agree with the first part of what Helen has written but disagree with the second. Helen, your use of "district" suggests to me that you're British. I'm American and we could definitely say things like "The town is on top of the hill."


Our American friends often have different expressions which we wouldn't dream of saying in the UK but are absolutely correct in North America. Does make it difficult for us Brits using Duolingo, though!


Yes, I've seen that sentiment on many other threads. I don't know that there's anything to be done about it, unfortunately. And while I'm here, let me apologize on behalf of my entire country for sending our Orange Overlord over there to insult everyone.


Lol!! You are most definitely forgiven ;)


Neighbourhood should be accepted


Not good. On top of, over, above....? Help!!

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