"Os teus livros"

Translation:Your books

March 5, 2013

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Ok, so now why the 'Os' ?


You can use it or not for possessive adjetives.


Will people have trouble understanding what youre trying to say? Or does it sound strange to omit the Os?


It's the same, omitting OS won't change the sentence, we will understand you.


I've heard that "o," "os," "a," and "as" are used only in Brazil, not in Portugal.


Apparently the opposite [for possessives]. Always used in Portugal, optional in Brazil.


Can it be "Teus livros"?


Sure... :) seus livros is also correct. just check this out: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/64947


I like to think that this is like in Spanish... "Tus & Sus / Teus & Seus''... We use ''tu'' (singular) with people that we are more intimate with... {Ex. young people /siblings} but with people that are not very familiar with, we use ''su'' (third person) {seniors /elder or distant relatives}...


In Brazil "seus" is way more common, it souds ok everywhere. Use it! "Teus" is more used regionally, not everywhere.


Why teus and not seus? If we speak of the time of Voce, why now is tu? Thank you.


Obrigado. Eu acho assim. If I speak of Tu, the possessive is teu. If I speak of Voce, the possissive is seu, but I have read that Brazilians mix the possessives.


can you just say Tues Livros becuase thats much easier?


"Teus livros" is also right.


I did read some of the comments below, I've just never seen anything so confusing in my life.

Os teus livros.

If Os is optional for possessive adjectives, and must be used only with possessive pronouns, why is it used in this sentence in an exercise, the point of which should be to show us when to use it?

If I was asked in a test out to translate Your books and I put Teus livros, would I be marked off for not using os? If so specifically why?


I want to learn Portuguese as well as Spanish , but having reached diamond standard in that now i am doing diamond standard in Portuguese. It took me 430 days to get to this level in Spanish !


Why does' Your horses' have teus cavalos but 'Your books' have ' os teus livros' I just don't get it at all.

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