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My vote is for Lingots

Having been chosen for the test run of the gems system, I can say unequivocally that I prefer the original Lingot system.

Please don't change over to the cheesy "gems". If you have to monetize, monetize the Lingots.

June 14, 2017



If you believe that your vote will tip the balance for Duolingo keeping lingots in the apps, then perhaps moving this discussion from the Irish Discussions section to the Duolingo Discussions section would increase the odds of a relevant Duolingo employee seeing it.


Duolingo required that I select one of the courses I am taking to post to, which I thought odd but still I wanted to express my opinion. I don't know if my vote will help. I know that Duolingo used my Irish course to test the new gems for a while and then just reverted it back to lingots.


If you edit this discussion, at least in the Web interface, there is a green button on the upper left that says “Topic: Irish”. When selected, it shows a list of other discussion areas where the discussion can be moved; one of the options is “Duolingo” for the Duolingo Discussions area. Do you have the same topic button and discussion area list when editing a discussion from an app?


Go raibh maith agat. I just moved it.


Is é mo vóta do lingots. Anois, luíonn sé na topaicí leathanach. :)

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