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Anyone Interested in Learning Karelian?

Although Karelian was one of the languages suggested in the post here, there hasn't been any posts specifically made for it that I know of. So I thought that I might as well make one.

How many of you out there would be interested in learning Karelian? Karelian is a Finnic language with approximately 36,000 speakers. Considering the scarcity of Karelian learning material, a Karelian course on Doulingo would be appreciated. One potential problem unfortunately, is that Karelian has various dialects with no one "standard Karelian". Tell me in the comments what you think.

( image made by me using Fire Alpaca, and should I have used the Flag of the Republic of Karelia instead?, please tell me in the comments )

Since learning material for Karelian is hard to come by. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for videos or websites to learn Karelian during the meantime? Anyways, here's a quick Doulingo mockup course.

( image made using Fire Alpaca )

June 14, 2017



Have a look at this post about how to suggest a language course: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194. That post has a centralised list of language suggestions. Karelian's not on the list yet - get in contact with Jrikhal or Lrtward, and get this post added to that list.


UPDATE : Karelian has just been added to the list! I wish I would've received a message when it happened so I could have known earlier. But it's there anyways, and that's all I wanted this post to do.


I was about to leave a message here but I see you already know. ;)


This post went from around 30 votes down to 0 in a relatively short time-span. Yet all the comments in this post are still intact. Is this a glitch or did a group of people down-vote bomb my post? ( but with a number as big as 30, I would think that they would've left some negative comments or down-voted some of the comments posted here ) Any idea what happened?


Probably a glitch. I've seen this happen with other posts too.


I'm not so sure about that. My vote is registered on this thread and the score is 0, most likely the result of sockpuppet downvoters.


I have no idea but if I'd have to guess, I'd think about something among

  • glitch
  • Duo having changed things so that inactive accounts' votes and/or account below level 2 accounts' votes cannot vote and they removed votes from those
    But it'd be quite a coincidence that it goes exactly back to 0. it'd mean the upvotes came only from "phantom/duplicate" accounts...
  • bomb vote


Thanks for the explanation(s).


Thank you for adding Karelian. Now it's just time to wait and hope that volunteers will arrive.


What dialect? Livvi/Olonets, Proper?


Okay, I tried contacting Jrikhal in the post here to ask about adding Karelian to the list. Hopefully I get a response.


I'm with you bruh.


There is someone else out there who knows about Karelia???? 0_0 I discovered not long ago that my family has roots in Karelia. How they ended up in what is now the Czech Republic is beyond me. I took an interest in the language, history and culture of course. But it's true, trying to find information and material is quite difficult to find. I would support a Karelian course 100%! And if anyone knows more about Karelia and the language, please, let me know! :D Thank you for posting this. :)


It's so unfortunate that the internet seems to be desolate when it comes to the Karelian language. I did find one website however, that contains a somewhat in-depth course for Karelian. But it's all in Russian, and has adds that would appear at random, which gave me the fear that I would obtain a computer virus. Here's the name of the website. WARNING : visit at your own risk ( and preferably not on ( a ) computer ).


I'm only viewing it on a 3DS, as I believe the chances that a site from 2004 has a virus to infect a piece of hardware that came from 2010 is close to nothing ( although I'm not entirely sure about that, so someone please tell me if I'm actually screwing up my 3DS ).


Lemme add another one to your list. http://aiga.tverlib.ru/ From unzum's massive language link list: https://del.icio.us/unzum/language


Thanks, I'll be sure to view those links later.


Not a problem.


Thanks, both of you guys! :)


Hyviä huondestu!, mie olen hukka ja opaštun karjalua!

( translation : Good day!, I am a wolf and I study Karelian )

I'm pretty sure that was the most botched up Karelian sentence ever, but at least it's something. Anyways, I wanted to tell you that I found some Karelian learning recourses that are in English ( and safe to use )!

Here's a Memrise course that's contains quite a bit of vocabulary and a little bit of grammar :


Here's a whole book on Karelian grammar ( that I must get in the future ) to accompany the large vocabulary provided from the Memrise course. Although it's quite expensive.


And finally, here's a Karelian news channel that uploads daily onto Youtube. It makes great listening material to practice what you've learned :


I now feel a little bit more hopeful that learning Karelian may be possible!


Hey, no worries! Your Karelian is waaaaay better than mine. :P I really appreciate all the links! I'm gonna start taking this language a lot more seriously, I even want to plan a trip up there. :D Hopefully a group will get together to start putting together a Karelian course here. Someday. I guess until then I will help bring more awareness to the language. :)


Terveh!, I found some more links to help learn Karelian.

  • The Karelian version of Wikipedia, lots of reading material.


  • A youtube channel that uploaded a few Russian cartoons with Karelian subtitles.


  • A website that teaches Karelian vocabulary and grammar, and is available to read in English, Swedish and Russian. Unfortunately not to equal lengths, as there is far more information available in Russian on the site than if you view it in English or Swedish. But they still do have quite a bit of material that would be helpful for English speakers.


  • Karelian news-site ( Livvi dialect )


Aside from the Wikipedia and Youtube link, I only view the last two links on iOS. As I can't verify how safe the two websites are. They have no signs of being dangerous, but I like to be extra cautious when it comes to browsing websites on the internet.


I don't know if you knew it, but Wikipedia has an article about that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karelian_language .


Wow, that sounds very interesting.


"is written with the Cyrillic script" - I have been to Republic of Karelia last year and all Karelian signs there was written with the Latin script. For example, this picture was taken in Petrozavodsk/Petroskoi: http://odal.me/photos/travel/2016-07-13-petrozavodsk/02.jpg


Sorry about that, I accidentally mixed up my facts there. It's fixed now.


Never heard of Karelian until now. It's beautiful! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS_U1C3MGc8


It is a beautiful language, here's another old Karelian song that I happen to really like. Hope you enjoy.



Very nice! Thank you for sharing. :)


I was very excited to see Karelian on the requested languages list. I didn't think many knew about it. I love the Finno-Ugric languages so much and I would love to see Karelian!


Glad to know that there's a portion of language learners interested in Karelian!


It is really interesting, it is difficult to find material about the language even in Russian


Here's a post I made a while back. In the post, I gathered any link I could find about the Karelian language.



There must be a grammar of this language in English, I found a sketch of the Udmurt language, but Karelian is forgotten by the western scholars


By the way,I have found the New Testament in two dialects of this language, North Karelian and Olonets http://finugorbib.com/bible/livviksi/00_a_about_na.html


I'd be interested. Though (as far as I know) there are and were no Karelian speakers in my family, I'm Finnish Karelian so would be cool to learn it. :)


Yeeees this would be amazing!


This would be a hearty joy for me! Also have family from around Karelia and would love an opportunity to embrace this beautiful language.


I'm far too late, but for anyone still interested, here is a Memrise course on Karelian:


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