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  5. "What food did you make?"

"What food did you make?"


June 14, 2017



Why is 何りょうり not correct?


In English you can ask "what food", but really you mean "what kind of food". At least some other languages also have special particle meaning "what kind", and the particle "what" cannot be used instead. So it seems to me, in Japanese it is the same: if the question is "what kind/sort/type" you use 何の, and if the question is simply "what" and cannot be replaced by the particle "what kind", then it's 何. For example: "what is your name" -- cannot be replaced with "what kind of your name" -- so it's 何. But "What food do you like" -- can be replaced with "what kind of food do you like" -- so it is 何の. I don't know if it's always the case, probably not, but here it works.


I'm also not sure why...


doesn't りょうり translate to 'cooking' ? shouldn't food be 食べ物 (たべもの) ?


りょうりcan mean food too, i mean like food in generally like 中国りょうり「ちゅごく」Chinese food インドネシアりょうりIndonesia food


It appears to translate to cuisine or cooking. But none of the hints actually suggest it. So surely it should use that instead of just 'food'.


I am not certain either but a look in my Japanese/English dictionary shows:

何 [なに, なん].

1 (P, adj-no, pn) what. 2 なん: (P, pref) how many (followed by a counter). 3 (P, n) you-know-what, that. 4 (P, exp) whatsit, what's the expression, what do you call them. 5 (P, int) what? (expressing surprise). 6 hey! (expressing anger or irritability).

Entry 1 shows that it is a の adjective. So it is being used to join two words together as one thing. Rather than being used as の possesive ('s/of).


この猫 は 黒いです。 This-cat, is black.

これ は 猫 が 黒いです。 This, it is a black cat.

My Japanese is poor sorry if wrong


Almost there. The first sentence is correct but い- adjectives come before the noun so the second sentence should be:
これは黒い猫です。This is a black cat.

The rest of the info about using の to join things with 何 to mean "what kind of X" is correct.


What do we need no after nani?


Okay Im convinced this wasn't taught when i first learned the hobbies module. Whats up with that???


I don't understand why 何の料理をしましたか isn't correct.


「料理する」to cook

「料理をする」to do the dish, to do the cooking

「料理を作る」to prepare a dish, to make food.

「何の料理をしましたか」is a correct way of saying the same meaning but it doesn't have "make" in it, does that makes sense?


I think 'nan no' means 'what kind of' in english.

In direct translation, it'd just be 'what cooking' (if 'nan ryori') and that sounds weird.


Usually "what kind of" is どんな (donna).


どんな料理を作りましたか would surely be the more natural way to say this.




What's the difference between 料理します and 料理を作ります?


What about the structure "Food は 何", so something like "料理は何を作りましたか" Is it because I have two different particles? Is there a way to put food in front?


Nan no... Pfffff. When I encounter the first Japanese using it, then I will too.


Tend to agree,何の isn't something I've noticed hearing among native speakers - but 何料理 isn't accepted. Maybe どんな料理。


can you elaborate on this please, what do you mean?

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