DL takes freedoms from users: no warning, no explanation.

hi. my name is eric. : )

i have been using DL for over a year and a half and it is a big part of my life. my daily routine is 120xp in the day and 120xp at night, split up equally between french, italian, german, and spanish. i tell everyone about this site and urge strangers that i meet to take advantage of such a great learning format. my point is that i not only love this site, i LIVE this site. i have made international friends on this site and hope to continue doing so.

but, over time i've noticed that certain options disappear, like, the option to see what i or others have written on "my wall", and, now, i just realized that i cannot write to my friends on their wall either. luckily, i have a couple of their emails, but there's a few people that i have no way of interacting with now.

i am guilty of chatting it up on certain threads, but the threads are where i find intelligent and funny people. i have heard that site monitors will strip privileges from people for chattiness, so i guess that's what's happening???

i can't ask anyone from DL bc there doesn't seem to be a contact option. and, i've gotten no warning that my freedoms would be removed for certain behaviors. i shouldn't have to hear about policy from random people in threads- but, it was 'prolly in the fine print that no one reads.

does anyone have a definitive answer for me as to why my community options have been censored?

thank you!

June 14, 2017


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If I remember correctly, it's because they had to rewrite the backend, and the code for the activity streams was taking consuming too many hours to maintain, so they took it away for everyone. Last I checked, they're toying with various ways to re-enable and add new social aspects to the site that won't be a timesink for their developers. As they're largely understaffed for such a large service, it's imperative that they keep their workflow streamlined and efficient.

June 14, 2017

that is a fantastic answer, gabriel johnson! how were you able to gain such knowledge?

Various staff members have made posts before. In those posts, they talked about various efforts they were doing to improve the site, such as taking down or converting legacy code that was holding the development team back.

got it! that matches what El2theK mentioned in this thread. i don't generally like getting emails from sites, but a monthly newsletter might be helpful for sharing changes with the community. El2theK mentioned a couple spots to check out info. for DL, the wiki page being one of the her sources mentioned. i checked it out and it seems pretty dead. the posts that i saw were from months ago and many were from last year.

thanks again for throwing your 2 cents in.

No warning? While sometimes communication can be better, this time people have been notified (almost 2 months ago). (will take a while to load)

Other than that, no your freedoms have not been removed since you are still able to post this discussion, so you are not being "censored".

Regarding your comment about chatting in discussions. The discussions are not for random chats so those may be removed. Finally, if people don't follow the guidelines ( then yes their posting privileges can be revoked. However, before that happens people are generally warned one or more times.

Let's be precise. That was no warning at all. That was notice that it had already been done. That is the way I remember it, and the wording of the notice bears this out. Correct me if I am wrong.

And speaking of non-improvements with the "new website": people have been complaining since the site started that changing between base ("learning from") languages is awkward. So the new website changed the method AND MADE IT EVEN MORE AWKWARD. That has got to be one of the most bone-headed software "upgrades" I have ever seen, and I have been writing software since the 1970's. It would be very hard to convince me that by ADDING processing steps Duolingo has "streamlined" its processing. The procedure was poor, but you should have left it that way.

thank you for the clarity! i rēd the first link that you posted. how would i be able to receive posts like that in the future? or, is it expected that i browse the discussion posts? honest question there- not being snarky. : )

i am glad that i posted and didn't fully believe what i had heard from others. i should have ended the post with a question mark- hahaha- less of a conspiracy/paranoia vibe. : )

again, thanks for the clarity, and, please point me in the direction to receive future communications from the fine team at DL.

Generally things are communicated through the discussion forum. So if you want to be up to date it's best to keep an eye on this. Alternatively, these things are generally also put on:

E.g. with the activity stream:

And finally using google generally will also point you in the right direction.

how would i be able to receive posts like that in the future?

Sometimes they post such things to their blog or help pages. But perhaps not consistently, and not everyone knows these pages exist, and of course there are always bugs and usability issues to iron out, and users only find these after such articles are posted, so the full impact of changes is rarely in the articles.

thank you for these links! these are exactly the kinds of things i wish were more accessible- more in my face, for lack of better words. i don't like receiving emails form sites usually bc they're spam, but if the articles were like the one about getting to know ceasar wirth then i would be all about it. things like getting to know the team and sharing info. about the site, and future goals of the site, etc., make the community more of a community- a better community.

people, myself included, feel a real connection to this site. articles like the ones you shared really count.

it was difficult for me to track down where you found the "news" section. again, stuff like that up front would be great. not much going on in the "news" section either. i am still not sure how you found the article about cesar wirth.

thanks for sharing.


How I found them:

At the bottom of most Duolingo pages there are hyperlinks to About and Help (as well as some others).

Clicking on the links at the bottom of the page leads to:



The About section has a sub-section called Press, at the bottom of which the blog is mentioned:

The Help page (when your base language is set to English) redirects to a much more extensive list of which the two support links I posted above are sub-sections. Some of the help articles also mention the blog.

got it! thanks.

i shouldn't have to hear about policy from random people in threads- but, it was 'prolly in the fine print that no one reads.

Had you read “the fine print that no one reads” — viz the Terms and Conditions of Service, which are linked at the bottom of every discussion — you might have noted that the last sentence of §2 of those Terms reserves to Duolingo the right to change anything at all here at any time. There is absolutely no obligation for them to warn us of, or to explain to us, any changes that they make (although it would be considerate of them to do so, particularly before making changes).

the site is free and i know that DL, a business, has the right to do whatever they want, when they want, but i was hoping that when major things are GOING to be changed that DL would send out a heads-up via email, or slip something in our notifications. i think of this site, it's creators, moderators, and people using the site as a community. i was writing in frustration bc there didn't seem to be any warning about the changes. i spoke with a moderator (found in this thread) and they explained that it's pretty much the user's duty to look for posts about changes to the site via the discussion section or on their wiki site. not as convenient for the users, but i at least the site is free and awesome. : )

My friends have also sadly been affected by this and they have learnt so much in their languages there in no chance of them deleting their account and creating a new 1

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