Why has the format for the lessons changed? You can no longer click on a word to get any help with translation, it is much less helpful, please return to the old format! Joyce Hallam June 14, 2017

June 14, 2017


What do you do duolingo on.

On my iPad Joyce

it will not not work unless you are on ps

The site has recently undergone a complete code overhaul. It's important to remember that while everything looks the same, a lot has changed under the hood which has made the website load a lot faster. Some functionality has not yet been worked back in, but I am sure the team are working hard on rebuilding the missing functionality in a more stable and future proof way.

Clicking on a word is not working on iPads it phones. It makes the whole process frustrating and what was enjoyable is no longer. My daughter has just started using the program having seen me using it and is equally frustrated. Please, please bring back the old version! I use it every day and feel like giving up now! Joyce

Clicking on words restored thank goodness, but they seem much stricter on 100% accuracy for spelling! I liked the almost correct! Thanks Joyce

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