"Ми любимо липень."

Translation:We like July.

June 14, 2017



Do these month names come from the Gregorian calendar or something? I half expect July and August to be closer to those in romance languages and English coming from the Caesers and all

June 14, 2017


The meaning of the root of the name (the part before "-ень")

  • Січень: cut (the snows cutting your face, I guess)
  • Лютий: rage
  • Березень: birch
  • Квітень: flower
  • Травень: grass
  • Червень: red
  • Липень: linden
  • Серпень: sickle
  • Вересень: heather (plant)
  • Жовтень: yellow
  • Листопад: "leaf" + "fall"
  • Грудень: lump (I guess lumps of snow)
August 18, 2017


No, they are Slavic. Липень originally meant the time when липа (linden) is blooming.

June 14, 2017


Добре для них.

May 15, 2018
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