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Feature request: Transfer admin club control

Requesting the ability to transfer admin rights for clubs to other users.

This means admins can leave great clubs without having to close them. You can only join one club at a time, even across different languages.

I would also transfer admin control of a club to the weekly XP leader to make the leaderboards more entertaining.

June 14, 2017



We have a fairly active French group among about 3 of the 15 members. We lost the admin (who was very active) somehow. Maybe she left by accident. The admin was (automatically?) passed to someone who not only doesn't participate in conversation, he hasn't gained any XP since she left ( and even for a while before she left if memory serves me). We want to get rid of inactive members to allow for active ones to join but can't. There needs to be a way to rectify this. I may need to start a new group with the active members, then at at least I can be the admin and remove inactive members.


Just to share my experience, I started a club and was naturally the admin. A couple of weeks ago, the admin role was inexplicably transferred to another member of the club who then proceeded to kick out former members. (Some original members were retained and I was still listed as a member.) It was really confusing - I never left the club or ever intended to transfer my role. XP wasn't an issue since I was the club's weekly winner the previous week. It really rankled me because the new guy offered no explanation or heads-up and was taking the club in another direction than I originally intended. I had invited personal friends to join as members so in the end my crew and I quit the club. It's a really strange thing to have a club you started taken from you.

This experience has honestly turned me off to Duolingo over the past weeks and I'm trying to regain my enthusiasm for it after what happened.


Transfer of admit control of club who can get highest XP for 3 weeks in row


Okay, summing up the comments - you can join one club per language course, but it remains uncertain how admin assignment occurs when the admin leaves a club. Some say it transfers to highest XP scorer others a random inactive user.


I think there should be a way to have more than one admin. Then admins can give it to people they know (In real life) and trust. Then I’m the case of an admin leaving there would still be a responsible admin the remove inactive members. Also admin could be a reward if you got a certain amount of crowns or a long streak. Hope you like my idea!


I think that is what happens - well someone in the forums claimed that this is what occurs. The user with the highest XP on the leaderboard becomes admin.

PS: I can be in one Club per course, so I am not sure how to interpret your claim:

You can only join one club at a time, even across different languages.


Ah cool, someone on the forums said you can't join more than one club across courses.

But you stay admin even if you stop using Duolingo. I'd like to be able to assign it just in case I leave my club.


I believe it happens when you (the admin) leave the Club - that is the trigger - it goes to the member with the highest position. I've not seen it myself though.

What happens if you just become inactive? No idea. Probably best if everyone leaves the Club and starts a new one - but there is no way to coordinate that within the Club. :-/


It doesn't pass to another member


Yes it does. Happened in our group, but passed to an inactive member :(


The admin role, in the event of the original person leaving, goes to the one with the highest XP overall....since, starting to learn the language. Nothing to do with the XP position in the club.


I'm in this position, having recently completed the French course, and I'd like to manage transfer of Adminship. I've got the club up to the point where barely 20% of the members do NO XP during a week but when I started it was more like 50%. I'd like to preserve that, to keep the club as a productive one. But there still doesn't seem to be a mechanism. In this thread, at least three mechanisms are proposed as being in effect : random selection ; longest-membership ; and highest XP in the last week. So, DuoLingo management, what is it?


Yeah, it would be good for clubs where the admin is totally inactive. Since clubs are about discussion or conversation it might be a good idea if the admin is a profile who is particularly active in that regard. If it goes to whoever has most points across the board there is a good chance that somebody ends up as admin who has no interest in that particular language.


To be honest, I've given up on getting a reply from the Duo management. They just don't seem to be interested. A bit of a slap in the face for those of us who do put a bit of effort into managing and encouraging a club. Last week, from a membership of 50, only 6 hadn't done any XP at all in the preceding week. In comparison, a random German club I'm also in, over the same week, same 50 count of members, 42 with no XP in the week. You can guess which group has more people participating in the speaking/ writing/ composing exercises in the club.

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