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Progress quiz gone! Forever?

Quite a few things seem to have changed for me today. Really sad that the progress quiz has gone - I was motivated to earn lingots so that I could check my progress through the quiz. Now that it has gone, there is nothing to spend my lingots on, so I wonder what is the point!?

Please bring it back, duo.

June 14, 2017



Seriously. The only things left are the streak freeze (helpful), and the wager to try and earn more lingots, for a quiz that no longer exists.... :(


I agree. They were motivating and now earning Lingots, to me, is not motivating at all. There is nothing else I'm interested in doing... My child, (age 10) was in tears because she has become so frustrated with the changes including no progress quiz anymore! :(


It's definitely sad that the progress quiz has been removed. I used to do one once a month and it was something a bit different from the norm, and a good challenge. Duolingo has lost a lot of features lately that made it a really fun community, like the ability to post on people's streams, and a while before that, immersion.

Here's hoping those features get re-added at some point, along with the quiz!


Agree, I was doing it every month!

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