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Timed practice discussions now open in new window - thanks for the improvement!

Just a quick note to say thanks to Duo for implementing a change in timed practice revision sessions on the web, where discussion pages open in a new page by default. This makes it much easier to 'bookmark' them for review after the lesson rather than either stressing about replying to them during the countdown or having to manually search for them after the lesson ends.

I might not always agree with the development direction and priorities of the Duo staff, but this is one little change I can get behind. Thanks!

June 14, 2017



I say it's a double edged sword. For every question in a timed test that I wish I could stop and look at, there are 20 that I drop into anyway in normal study to check for more information, or contribute something. Having to wait for a new window to load, and close windows constantly just to have a look is becoming annoying already. Can see your point but I'm not glad for the change....


Indeed, I think it might be good during timed practice, but I rarely use that, and during the regular reviews and lessons it annoys me quite a bit. (I use the web version, by the way; I don't know if it matters.)

Then again, it might mean that now the discussions will always load; before, there always came a point at which it no longer opened any discussions. The "discuss sentence" button just wouldn't respond anymore, until the lesson was done. If that is now fixed, that is at least an improvement... but I'd still rather they fixed it without making this other change.


I can report that this change is more like a 'workaround' for that problem. I opened about five pages during a lesson, and at the end saw that one of them (in the middle) had the 404 bug. At least the subsequent pages loaded this time.


I noticed a 404 bug as well (after posting my previous comment), unfortunately.

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