"Religia grecilor a fost păgânismul."

Translation:The religion of the Greeks was paganism.

June 14, 2017

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(In answer to the person who made a post, now hidden by the software, that it is wrong to describe paganism as a religion). The etymology is that of the countryside, and it shares the same etymology with words like "pays" (French for country) and peasant (for someone who lives there). The Romans used paganism to denote the various religions of those that lived in the countryside. These were typically animistic and polytheistic. Ultimately those that lived in such places had their religions crushed by the warrior aristocracy that imposed their hegemony on those over which they claimed dominion on theocratic grounds. It is entirely proper to include paganism in the set of religions, although it was never a uniform entity and modern recreations of it are unlikely to be the same as the original forms. It is kinder to think of it as the indigenous ancestral culture, with the same aspirations for virtue as the various theistic cultures that replaced them, often by force. If you were conflating paganism with atheism (which is wrong) I would agree with you that atheism is not a religion.


------- well, agnostics do not have a religion. they believe neither in a god nor that a god does not exist. atheists , however, believe (ergo religious ) that there is no god . . .

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The phrase isn't grammatically wrong, but considering "paganism" to be a religion per se is just wrong.

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