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Big Ups to the Duo Team!

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Just got my first look at the new website changes and luvin it! I especially like the how the practice doesn't let you get away until you get it right. Thank so much to all the DuoLingo team for all the great work!!

June 14, 2017



I agree. I think it's better than the three lives thing they had before.


That "before" goes a pretty loooooong way before, just so we know! One might get the impression that the new code has replaced the hearts system, which isn't correct.


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. It's my third day using the web version and I assumed it was a new thing because on the apps that I've installed on my windows devices it had the three lives thing.


Sorry? What for?!
I've been party incorrect as well (and I'm not apologizing! :D); I was talking about the overall Duolingo move (iOS, web, Android) and it does seem Duo is late to update their less known apps, Windows Phone or Kindle, for example.


Well they've kept the hearts on the Windows Phone app (which I like), but they are updating. They've added the Greek course and the format seems to be changing: more typing and less selecting words. I haven't used the phone app today so it may have changed.


Thanks for taking the time to deliver good news! Last I heard from the two platforms was some months ago.


I can learn Spanish easily and effectively. And it's free. What can be better than this?


really? I absolutely HATE this new version so far!!

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