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Time of 2 minutes

Can anybody answer the questions with the 2 minutes duolingo give? I think I never did this!

March 5, 2013



I'm puzzled by the '2 minute' question? Timed practices give you 30 seconds and 20 questions, you 'score' an additional 7 seconds for each correct answer. Where does the 2 minutes come from? Maybe you could take a screenshot and post it somewhere so we can see what you are talking about?


There are at least two versions of Duolingo running at the same time. Some users get the new version with "bonus rounds" and 2 minutes apparently.


Basics 1

Lesson1 Lesson2 Lesson3 Lesson4 Learned 5Real world translation 6Real world translation Bonus round+10

The 'Bonus' round is timed. I can't complete it in time so cannot 'unlock' the next sections.- so stuck!


Well not stuck since it's only necessary to complete the 'Lessons' in each skill to unlock the next skill/course. Everything after the Lessons is just practice. You can Master a skill without doing all of the practice rounds by taking a test, click 'Test out of this Skill' at the top right.

I don't see a 'Bonus Round' for Basics1. 5,6 & 7 are all Translations for me. There are Bonus Rounds on other skills/courses but none of them are timed for me!?


Sorry that is not the case in my version. I have completed all the lessons and have to do the Bonus round before moving on in that section. The following lessons may only be practice but that is what learning a language is!!


I can't. I am stuck as my typing is so slow!


In the beginning of the German course, I often finished timed practice with 20 skill points and more than a minute of time left. The further I am down the tree, the more difficult it becomes. Now I usually use non-timed practice, but I am going to practise some of the recent units really hard so that I would be fast enough to manage timed practice, too.

Touch-typing, however, is a must. Shortcuts really help, too. For instance, you can just hit 1, 2 or 3 to choose one of the answers instead of clicking them with your mouse.

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