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Please, bring back the Progress Quiz!

I have used the Progress Quiz a lot until today (in eight different languages), I liked to see how I was approaching the 5.00/5.00 score, little by little, in all these languages (and as a tool to compare the speed of my progress through different languages).

Now it is gone, I don't know why (it was just about the only useful thing to buy with lingots).

Please, bring it back (along with a way to interact with other users, and something similar to the former Activity section).

June 14, 2017



I'm with you! I took the progress quiz and thought it was a very useful tool. I'd like to see them bring it back as well.


What do you mean it's gone? I just saw it in the last few days... <checks store> Noooooooooooo!


It's really to bad.


I know! Maybe they'll replace it with something better, but dangit! I hadn't even used it yet!


As someone who has used progress quizzes as a teacher to gauge students' progress, they are not super reliable. Having tested them with over 100 students, I can say that they only measure about how far up the tree you have mastered. Some students would get lucky and know a words pretty far down the tree early on in the test. Once you get a question wrong, it thinks that you must be somewhere around the area where you got it wrong. I would say keep all of your words up-to-date and you'll have a good idea of how you are.


So basically they are like a fluency meter. Not an actual reflection of how much they learned from the course.


Totally agree! It was really useful tool. But would be even better if there was a summary of mistakes so you can learn from your errors.


I agree. Our family uses Duolingo a lot. I have a daughter in tears this morning because she wanted to check her progress and now that feature has disappeared completely! :(


Yes I miss it as well. It is a good way of ensuring you are aware of what you need to spend more time on in the way of grammar and sentence construction.


I had purchased Progress quizzes in Spanish and Portuguese with the intention of doing each sooner or later, just to see if I'd get a 5/5 again. I don't think I was reimbursed for the spent lingots. Oh well.

I'm guessing they'll introduce something similar very soon, but I would have liked it if there weren't such a gap :/


Particularly considering that people have been complaining for years that lingots aren't really very useful, this seems like a strange thing to do now. It's as if Duolingo said "We understand that people feel like they don't have enough things they could buy with lingots, so to help out, we'll provide even fewer things." If I look at the lingot store now, once you've bought the "timed practice" and the few "bonus skills" available there (which really aren't very extensive), then there is nothing left to buy except things to help you get more lingots. Think about that: the only things you can use lingots for right now are things to help you get more lingots. Doesn't that make lingots fairly useless? I actually get the feeling that this is part of a plan to phase out lingots entirely, since (again) people have been complaining for years that they're useless anyway, and Duolingo doesn't seem to have come up with anything which we can use them for in that time.


There really is nothing to spend lingots on anymore. I used progress quizzes to gauge which language to focus on, and especially when the tree would get fairly stable to see whether I needed to reset the tree or not.

I was very disappointed to see their removal (among other things) and I do hope it, or something similar returns. it could certainly be improved upon or changed, but to remove it without any thing to replace it feels premature.


I liked using lingots to get more skill lessons, but once I got those three things, I only used them to maintain my streaks so I'd get paid more lingots so I could maintain my streak, etc. I have tried them for the timed exercises, but I use a tablet, so input is already a bit tough with the thing misinterpreting what words I want, and I live in a noisy house, so it's very hard to even get to the third question. Normally I can get only one point, so I don't like using that. I've never used the Progress Quiz as a result as it was like a much more expensive timed practice. Now I regret not trying it.


I am very disappointed as well that the progress quiz is gone. I found it very useful. It is what I used by lingots for. It would be great is it could be brought back!


Let's hope someone is listening! Otherwise what are silly lingots for??


They aren't even lingots anymore, but silly gems with nothing to buy!! The progress exams helped one become more independent and be able to recall words, as would be required when actually communicating.


Did it disappear when you were moved to the new website or did you at one point have it on the new website? If the former, it's probably coming back, lesson review and keyboard shortcuts did (among other things I have probably forgotten).


Yesterday, I was moved to the new website and my Progress Quiz disappeared. Prior to that, I had Progress Quizzes. I'm hoping the Progress Quizzes come back, I found them to be a helpful learning tool.


I totally agree. That helped me to judge my progress and challenged me to learn more.


No way i just did my first one a few days ago. Why would they remove it?


Oh, really... I regret I never did it even though I've been here for more than a year. sigh


I understand that the Duolingo team doesn't really want to annoy us by removing all of these features, and they do have reasons for doing that, but if you do remove features that are very helpful for our learning, would you mind adding new ones in order to compensate us for the loss caused by your changes? that would be great.


I've been practicing French on Duolingo for over 2 years and feel that the program has really helped me in real life understanding & speaking French. BUT I REALLY MISS THE PROGRESS QUIZ! I thought it was helpful. PLEASE bring back the progress quiz.


I haven't read all the threads on this topic, but so far, nobody has mentioned the fact that you could export your progress quiz score to LinkedIn as an informal certification. Probably nobody is looking to hire me specifically because I am (or was) advanced in French and intermediate in German, Spanish, and Swedish, but it was a good way to display my intelligence without having to type "Oh, and I'm a really smart polyglot too" on my profile.

If Duolingo was planning to upgrade the tests and add them back later, OR to remove them permanently, why couldn't they have communicated this somehow, either on the site or by email?

I actually just finished spending several days getting to gold on every section of the Spanish tree so I could retake that progress quiz and get to the advanced level. Now I see I've wasted my time.


Yes, I agree it's the only thing you can do with lingots. Otherwise they are not a very fun thing to earn.


Miss the quiz too. It was a good way to see how much progress i was making. Please bring it back or some other testing scale. thanks.


So frustrating that they would remove this.

[deactivated user]

    I'd also like to take the progress quiz. Even if it's just once.

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